Concrete is Trending in Interior Design According to Phaze Concrete

Apr 14, 2020 2:15 AM ET

Although concrete is known for being used in construction projects, Phaze Concrete experts explain why it is being used for aesthetics in the home. 


There are a plethora of interior design options that range from wallpaper prints to bold colors, to soft neutral tones, among others. However, in 2020, industrial design is more prevalent than ever, often seen in trendy urban lofts and homes. People are looking for a simple yet stunning modern aesthetic, and according to Phaze Concrete, the new fixture in the design landscape is concrete construction. 


It’s pretty evident that concrete and industrial design fit together perfectly. It gives designers the ability to use both reclaimed and new material for a unique look every time. Phaze Concrete explains that staircases and lofts can feature metal railings, which pair well with concrete floors and concrete accent walls. To make a statement, Phaze Concrete experts recommend going big with your design choices. 


Many buildings are already made with concrete frame construction, so uncovering what lies underneath may be easier than you’d think. Phaze Concrete experts explain that concrete floors and walls are very affordable and offer a natural element to your home. Bringing natural rock indoors can contribute to a soothing, relaxed atmosphere. According to Phaze Concrete, you can also enjoy the added insulation benefits of using concrete in the home. 


In addition to visual appeal, concrete interiors are also extremely easy to maintain. Phaze Concrete always recommends having experts properly stain, seal, and polish your concrete. If concrete floors and accent walls aren’t your thing, consider using concrete for fireplaces, countertops, and tables. Not only are they beautiful, but also very durable. However, Phaze Concrete notes that they can be very heavy. It’s essential to always survey your space before bringing in heavier than usual furniture items. 


When designers say texture, Phaze Concrete experts explain that they’re talking about materials that feel the way that they look. When a guest walks into your home, they will immediately resonate with the concrete material because they know what it feels like. They can expect a cold and smooth touch, and the concrete should contrast nicely against other natural materials. Phaze Concrete notes that it goes exceptionally well with wood. 


Finally, concrete has become increasingly popular for interior design because it adds a focal point to every room. Phaze Concrete experts believe that the heavy material also adds visual weight to the space, instantly drawing the eye. Because of its soft grey color, Phaze Concrete explains that it can be added seamlessly into almost any home to enhance the architecture dramatically. 


Whether you want to go bold or go subtle, Phaze Concrete believes that concrete can be the material for you. If you’re still unsure, try incorporating concrete accents into your home slowly. Concrete can be in the form of functional objects like planters, benches, fire pits, fountains, pencil holders, garden decor, and more.


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