Connecticut, Can a Trucking Company Be Held Liable After a Dump Truck Gets into an Accident?

Apr 14, 2020 5:05 PM ET

The main purpose of a dump truck is to transport construction-related material from one site to another. Since these large vehicles are often full to the brim, they can be extremely deadly if they ever get into a collision.

When the driver of a dump truck gets into an accident, their first course of action should be to instantly get in touch with a truck accident attorney in Connecticut to get familiar with the legal process they will inevitably have to undergo. The first step of the legal process is determining who is liable for the accident.

Apart from the driver, the trucking company is often held legally responsible for the collision. A trucking company can be held responsible If any of the following conditions are fulfilled:

If the dump truck and its parts are not properly maintained
If it is discovered that they failed to train and educate their drivers properly
If it is discovered, they failed to follow legal regulations when hiring the driver (they failed to conduct proper background and qualification checks)
If they failed to monitor the performance of their drivers, enforce limited driving hours, and check their logbooks regularly

If any of the above conditions are determined after a truck accident investigation the company can be confronted for legal violations. Trucking companies have a lot of responsibilities they must fulfill if they want to remain on the same page as the law. They must ensure their drivers are qualified, and they must keep track of their drivers’ performance. If they fail to do this, the collision can easily be attributed to them and they will have to pay for the damages. In truck accident cases there is often more than one party who is found guilty of negligence and a legal representative can aid a person in determining all the parties who are at fault.

Can I be compensated for all my losses after an accident with a dump truck?

Getting into a collision with a full dump truck can be messy, and expensive. Anyone who gets into a serious accident should make sure they team up with a lawyer to start seeking compensation for the damages they suffered.

A person can generally get compensated for all their tangible losses such as medical bills and lost wages. In many cases, they may also be eligible to get compensated for the pain and suffering they experienced. Intangible losses such as pain and grieving are only granted when the individual lost out significantly and faced a lot of harm such as permanent disfigurement or the loss of a loved one.


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