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Jul 28, 2020 6:45 AM ET

The widespread use of the internet and computers has made it easier to plagiarize the work of others. It is common to find plagiarism within a work or document these days. In this modern era of technology, the internet is playing a significant role as a vast information store managing to provide tons of information related to everything, and it also offers accessibility at any time. This technological development is useful in many aspects; however, it also leads to a decrease in the availability of original content.

Over the internet, it is rare to find innovative ideas or content. Most of the people are copying or reproducing the ideas of others and presenting them as their own creation. This rigorous copying is termed as plagiarism. It’s been decades that people are practicing it, but it might have reached its peak these days. In order to check for plagiarism, the best way is online plagiarism detector tools.


Why Is It Vital to Remove Plagiarism?

While writing any document, either it is academic or, in general, it is mandatory to reduce the level of plagiarism from it. Different reports allow different levels of plagiarism, and this shows that it is highly dependent on the nature of the document. Ideally, it is considered to have less than 2% plagiarism in academic writings. But there are some documents which require 0% plagiarism as well. The document having plagiarism is not considered authentic. Therefore, it is important to have a proper check for plagiarism.


How to Check Plagiarism?

In order to check for plagiarism, there are different tools available online, also called as plagiarism checker or plagiarism remover. Some of them require paid subscriptions, but some also offer their services for free. There are different ways to check for plagiarism. In the past, traditional methods were used, and human detection was considered best to identify plagiarism test from written work. But this was not a successful method because of its lengthy and time-consuming nature.

However, with the modern technological advancement, there are different software available online called as Text-matching software (TMS) and also known as “Plagiarism detection software” which helped to overcome the difficulties that are being faced in human detection. These plagiarism detection tools not only detect plagiarism but also provide the list of specific passages of text in one document that is similar to text in another document.


Best Plagiarism Remover Tools Available Online

Here is the list of top three plagiarism remover tools that are available online and offer their services free of cost.

1.Plagiarism Detector

It is a top plagiarism detector free available online to check for plagiarism. It offers users as many searches as can be done within a day without any charges. For quick excess of this website you just have to click on this link One has to copy the text or content and paste it on the given space available on software. If one wants to check for plagiarism quickly, then there is also an available option for uploading the URL of the page and file. It also allows the user to upload his/her document directly from dropbox. This web tool offers a deep check for plagiarism, as a result of which one gets insights into different levels of plagiarism and also gets additional details about results. Users can put a URL in the Exclude URL tab in case if he/she want to check for plagiarism by excluding that particular website. After getting the result, it also offers to download the resultant report. This report also specifies the word and character count of the uploaded document.

This plagiarism test tool also offers paid subscriptions for the users who want to check unlimited words document or site as a free version provides to check a document up to 2000 words. The Premium version offers different plans having different percentages of discounts. also allows its users to create their own custom plans according to their choice and requirement.

All of these features make it the best plagiarism remover software.

2.Plagiarism Checker

If one is looking for a free plagiarism checker, then this is one of the best software. It is a unique tool and provides users with advanced features.  This is a basic type of plagiarism checker but is quite popular among writers as it is free of cost and delivers quality results. It is very easy to use, just put down your text from the desired document or directly upload it there. By pressing the button, it would show results in seconds. The copied text would be highlighted in red.

The advantages of using this lie in its unique features as it is simple, free, and has a variety of tools that can help check plagiarism for web content. It also allows uploading documents from Google drive and dropbox. It allows many file formats like .txt, .doc and pdf, etc.


It is a unique plagiarism remover which performs plagiarism test not only to scan text but can also examine references and citations. It is having more than one million users all over the world and has affiliations from more than 550 institutions. For using this tool, the user must get registered first.

Unicheck creates a library for each user where they can keep their files. It supports multiple formats of documents. It also offers promo codes to its premium versions.

Users can have a direct chat with the team in case of any problem.

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