20 tools for content marketing and the content delivery network companies

Apr 24, 2020 10:04 AM ET

I am not going to discover gunpowder or penicillin if I affirm categorically that content marketing is a valuable tool to build the digital identity of companies and establish lasting relationships with existing and potential customers of content delivery network companies.
In fact, this statement is not one of those empty and hollow of meaning (which unfortunately we see too much in the world of digital marketing). This statement is based on empirical data, such as that companies that have an active corporate blog generate 67% more business opportunities monthly. Similarly, those who post content 15 times a month get 5x more traffic than those who don’t.

It’s simple: valuable content provides positive results for companies that incorporate it into their strategy. An optimized content marketing policy requires long hours of searching the Internet to find out what our potential customer is demanding.
In this article I want to introduce you 1 7 free tools that will allow you to maximize the potential of content marketing and help you deliver that valuable content to get your potential customers back for more.

Essentials tools for content marketing and scope of content delivery network companies

Content marketing tools for image and design

1) FotoJet 2.0

FotoJet is a design tool for creating collages and thank you or party cards. It also provides you with some predesigned templates to use on your social networks or, if you prefer, create it from scratch. They have more than 500 photos and texts to use and more than 500 templates to adapt it to your needs.
For Content delivery network companies, it is essential to keep in mind the culture and market place.

2) Thinglink

Thinglink is a content marketing tool that will allow you to add links to images and video, easily create interactive ‘sites’, blogs, infographics, maps, photo albums, presentations, … and all from product descriptions and with one goal: to increase click-through rate and customer engagement (even offers real-time analysis of consumer engagement). This tool will fulfill all the requirements of content delivery network companies because it provides all the services needed in content marketing.

3) Canva

Canva is a design tool with which you can create attractive designs in a very simple way.
This software allows you to make brochures, presentations, Facebook covers, Twitter … graphics for your company blog, business cards and more.

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4) Piktochart

Picktochart is a tool to design infographics, presentations, posters and reports in a different and modern way. It has free templates for your favorite themes such as Mother’s Day, Christmas and others, but you can also create your own compositions. An interesting feature of this tool is that you can add a world map with the countries you want highlighted if you want, for example, to show where your company does business.

5) PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a pretty interesting photo editor. Its features include retouching through a photo editor, countless templates for collages, and graphics. This content marketing tool is essential if you are looking to customize the design of your brand, product or service.
One of the main values of PicMonkey is that through the support tutorials, they provide free of charge everything you need to get the most out of your tool. The tool works perfectly to add a hint of color in the content marketing.

6) Emaze

Emaze is the platform most used by students to create beautiful presentations without difficulty. It has several plans, so you can try it before deciding which one you want. It is a tool that allows you to create modern presentations that will leave teachers open-mouthed and share it with your work group while you are still editing it. It comes with many predesigned templates that you can adapt both colors and shapes and designs to your work. In addition, they have a blog where they explain tips and tricks.

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Content Marketing Tools for Captures

7) Jing

Jing is a tool that allows users to capture the screen, change the screen with different marking functions and send screenshots to their social media platforms through other tools, it also allows you to print screens without the annoying menu appearing at the top of the page. Jing’s main added value is its recording function of up to 5 minutes to create videos teaching step by step. It also allows you to upload the video to a free account or download it in SWf format and share it directly on social networks.

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8) Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is actually a Google Chrome plugin that can also be used in other popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s default browser: Safari. Awesome Screenshot can easily capture, annotate, edit and share / save screenshots by simply clicking on the extension icon in your browser’s navigation bar, you will get the option to capture a selected area or the entire page.

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9) Monosnap

The Monosnap tool also comes fully equipped with the features expected of a screen capture tool. Monosnap allows you to highlight important parts of the screen with text, arrows, and shapes.
An interesting Monosnapes option that allows you to capture the screen after a delay of ten seconds. This is particularly useful when you’re trying to capture a popup or drop-down menu that would otherwise disappear when you click outside of it. This tool comes with free cloud storage.

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Content Marketing Tools for Writing and Editing

The most important part of content marketing is the content itself. Without professional, accurate, and well-delivered content, there will be no work. There will be no consumers to find your product or service, if your content marketing strategy does not add value to your potential customer. These tools will allow you to ensure that your content meets all the necessary requirements to increase your conversion rates. In content delivery network companies’ distribution of quality content is everything, which needs the tools like the following.

10) Paper Rater

Paper Rater is a natural language processing engine that allows you to check if a content is not original because in content marketing world original content is everything, since it is capable of analyzing the grammatical structure of its content. Paper Rater stands out for its artificial intelligence, advanced data recovery systems, and can detect if a sentence is built in a very unnatural way, very common in literal translations of Google Translate.

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11) Essay Mama

Essay Mama is a platform where you can acquire the contents that interest you depending on the needs of your clients. They have a team of highly qualified and certified professional writers for different fields.

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12) Copyscape

Are you sick of being plagiarized by your valuable content? Copyscape allows you to find and protect your content by searching for exact copies online. It is one of the most powerful and popular software for detecting copy-paste.

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13) Wordle

Wordle is a web page where you insert a text and it creates a new word based on the repetition of them. This is very useful if you are making presentations and need some supporting image, or also if you want to see the most used word in a paper.

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Content marketing tools for creative sources

14) Dafont

Dafont is a tool that will help you find fonts with relative ease, either in alphabetical order or type, as well as being able to easily download them.

content marketing tool

15) Google Fonts

Google Fonts is another clear example of Google’s subtle monopolistic control. With over 600 font families, this tool allows you with just three easy steps to run a font on your website.

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Content Marketing Tools for Social Media

16) BuzzSumo

Both in the online ecosystem and in social networks, it is important to know who you are talking to, who you are addressing, and active listening, that is, knowing who is talking about you.
BuzzSumo is an application that will help you quickly identify people talking about a topic or about our brand, product or service. In short, BuzzSumo is a free tool to search for influencers, tracking content that they publish, be it text, photos, videos, articles, infographics, ebooks, whitepapers …

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17) Namechk

The importance of reserving and protecting the brand (commercial or personal) in spaces such as social media, where creating a user with a commercial name is very easy, but claiming and recovering it can become a true odyssey, it acquires relevant overtones.
Namechk is a tool capable of finding out if the name of our brand is registered or not in the different social networks and communities.
Content marketing tools to create infographics and videos

18) Stupeflix

Stupeflix allows you to create videos of a maximum of 20 minutes in length. Allows you to add maps, custom transitions, movie beats, voiceovers, duration settings, or even slow motion.

19) Infogram

Infogram offers 30 different types of charts, with a spreadsheet that will allow you to easily edit your data and modify the charts. The main value is that no technical knowledge is required to create the designs and that it allows you to download your infographics in both PNG and PDF formats (very useful for sending them via email).
We said 15 but here is one more that we could not leave out because it is in Spanish which makes it very easy to handle …

20) Wideo

Wideo is an online video creation tool that will allow you to create, edit and share videos for free. The most interesting thing about this application is its ease of creating animated videos.

Tools and programs to improve your content Marketing strategy
1. Hubspot
2. Canva
3. Thinglink
4. PicMonkey
5. Awesome Screenshot
6. Essay Mama
7. Wordle
8. And more…
What tools would you add to this list? Help me complete this article and if you liked it, share it through your social profiles.

Purpose of content marketing

Content marketing is a very crucial component for the growth of any company nowadays because it plays an influential role in getting traffic from the targeted market to the company’s online platform. We have provided you a complete guide to make your content eye-catching and unique, and we hope it will help you make your content appealing.

The tools are helping thousands of people every day, but you need a platform to advertise your content, which will get you enough traffic to your website.

Digital marketing or content marketing is a huge medium to understand, and you will need experts to lead you to the market you want to target.

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