4 Things You Can Do to Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Startup

Mar 20, 2019  1:25 PM

No matter what industry your new startup falls into, laying a strong foundation for it to grow from going forward is key. If you don’t, sooner rather than later, things will begin to unravel around you and there won’t be any way for you to fix the damage that occurs. Quite simply, without a strong foundation, your startup will lack direction and stability, and it will crumble as a result.

To ensure that your latest business venture achieves the success you know it is capable of, you need to put the foundation-building advice listed below into practice.

Educate yourself

Before you can educate your startup’s first employees on what needs to be done to strengthen its foundation, you need to know what you’re talking about. This means, then, that in order to take the step forward that you are so desperate to take, you may want to consider stepping back into the world of education.

By taking a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, you will garner the understanding of the world of business that is pivotal for long-term success in it. You will learn about everything, from management to marketing, meaning you will ultimately transform into a more well-rounded imparter of important business knowledge.

If enrolling on this kind of course interests you but are tentative about your ability to fit such an intense level of learning into your busy schedule, make sure to check out potential online courses — you can learn more about online BBA programs by Walsh University on their website. By enrolling on a course in which the studying, taking of tests, and completing of courses is done 100% online, you will be able to receive your education without having to disrupt your busy life as a business owner.

Work on your product

Your product is what you sell in your bid to make some profit and keep your business alive. It’s incredibly important, then, that whatever it is your offer to the buying public is as near perfect as possible. This, of course, makes working on your product an integral element of laying a strong foundation for your startup to grow from.

When it comes to working on your product, the first thing that you must do is decide what you are actually going to sell. This might sound easy, but it’s not. In this instance, you have to take these three points into account:

Your product must offer value to the world
Your product must be good enough to make people want to pay for it
Your product will, for all intents and purposes, become what your business is about, so it needs to encapsulate everything about your startup and what it stands for.

Market your product

Whether you only wish to make bread and butter profit from your product or whether you deem it to have real money-spinning potential, you need to market it effectively — if it isn’t advertised, how will your potential customers even know of its existence?

Speaking of your potential customers, the first thing that you need to do when marketing your product is consider who you are actually going to consider to be your target audience. Will your product suit people with a specific buying persona due to their age, where they live, or what they do for a career? If so, do everything that you can to ensure that information about your product reaches them. First and foremost in this instance, everything about the way your product is offered and marketed should be tailored around how, why, and when your target customers tend to buy their products. Do they spend most of their time looking for items on a particular website, for instance? If so, make sure that your product is easily purchasable on that particular site.

To make the task of reaching your target audience achievable, it is paramount that you conduct some market research. To perform this all-important task, you need to:

Conduct exploratory research before specific research — this will help you to determine what problems you could potentially face with regards to your target customer before you waste your time, effort, and possibly even resources on identifying issues with regards to them.
Turn to public resources — checking out public data will allow you to tailor your marketing strategy around campaigns that have already proven fruitful nationwide.
Survey a highly focused customer group — with your likely buyer persona in mind, you should seek to survey a highly focused customer group in order to understand what it is they like and dislike about the way your product is currently marketed.

Build a successful team

Your business is not a one-man band, so do not treat it as such. Instead, surround yourself with a team of successful individual workers who are able to bring to the table exactly what your startup needs.

When it comes to finding the talent that your business needs, you need to hold fire on your hiring process. Don’t be too quick to fill every empty position. Be deliberate, effective, and conservative when it comes to handing out jobs, and take as much time as you need in order to ensure that you pick the right people for the right tasks — it’s no good hiring a marketer for a human resources position, is it? If you hire the wrong kind of employee, you will create more problems for yourself going forward than you need to — one bad or incompetent egg in this instance could undo all of the hard work you put into building and laying a strong foundation for your startup.

In order to see your business achieve unbridled success going forward, it needs to grow from as strong a foundation as possible. To lay it with this foundation, you need to take the above advice and put it all into practice. From educating yourself to building a successful team around you, everything that you do must be meticulous and done with the customer in mind. Only then will your business be able to offer something likely of making a profit.

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