Best graphics cards for crypto mining in the year 2019

Mar 22, 2019  2:00 PM

Cryptocurrency mining is getting harder with each passing day due to increased efforts being put into mining. The amount of cryptocurrency that a person mine is directly dependent hash rate and power consumption. So the more hash rate you have, the more will be the profit, but the has rate should always be enough to cover the expenses of power consumption. If the cost of power is more than the production rate of a given hash rate, then you will be losing money instead of gaining. A powerful graphics card will provide you with a much better hash rate, and the more advanced a card is, the better the hash rate it will provide. With the advancement of technology, the power of computing, in general, is increasing and so is the power of rigs used for Cryptocurrencies. To make your mining profitable, you will need some top tier graphics cards. We have compiled the list of graphics cards that can give you a much better hash rate in the race of mining Cryptocurrency.

Nvidia GTX 2080

If you are looking for insane power of a Graphic card, then GTX 2080 is the card for you. It has the memory clock of 14GB while having 11GB DDR5 memory and it requires two eight-pin power connectors. The amount of power it needs makes it both powerful and expensive to operate. The power draw for this card is 155watt. GTX 2080 can provide you the hash rate of nearly 57 M/H which can make your investment worthwhile. The hash rate of GTX 2080 is even higher than the Titan X which makes it the most favorable card for mining. The price tag of this card is also high, so if you are low budget, then you can select the next card on the list.

AMD Radeon RX580

If you are tight on budget and want a card that can perform better at a lower budget, then Radeon RX580 is the card for you. The Card has 8Gb DDR5 memory, and the power draw of this card is 85watt which is less than the Nvidia GTX 2080. With less power and cost comes less performance. However, if you combine two of these cards, then you can outperform GTX 2080 at the price of higher power consumption. The hash rate of this GPU is 29 MH/s which is pretty high. The amount that you earn will remain the same at less cost.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 56

It is one of the most powerful graphics cards in the market, and it costs less compared to GTX 2080. It has 8GB HBM2 memory. It can give you good hastate of more than 32 MH/s with the power draw of 250w which is very high compared to NVidia’s card but if it is used for mining Ethereum than it can outperform other graphics cards.

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

It is the most favorable card used by the miners due to its performance and ability to remain cool while working at full capacity. It has 11GB DDR 5 memory with one eight pins and one six pin connectivity and has the power draw of 250 watts making it expensive for mining. However, the hash rate that it offers makes up for its power consumption. GTX 1080 Ti offers the Hash rate of more than 32MH/s making it an effective means of miming.

Taking all these cards into consideration if you are tight on budget and still want the hash rate of Nvidia GTX 2080 then go for two AMD Radeon RX580 cards. It might give you the same result at same or less mining cost.


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