How can a chiropractor help after an accident?

Feb 11, 2020  5:05 PM

There are a number of things that chiropractors routinely do as a part of their business, which will help you recover and move on after an accident. Symptoms that may be tied to the accident can include back pain, headaches, poor posture, pain or numbness in the hands and feet, and other issues. 

It is helpful to get an overview of exactly what a chiropractor will do right after your accident to make the process less stressful during a time that is already difficult. 


The first meeting after the incident

When you first meet with your chiropractor and become acquainted with their staff, they may take x-rays and do other diagnostic tests to learn more about any issues with your back or sources of pain that are tied to injuries. You may also have to complete various forms and other kinds of paperwork, but these documents can be important for the insurance and legal processes. At the conclusion of this introductory meeting, the doctor should review everything he found during the examination and tests with you.

Most chiropractors recommend that you schedule this appointment and see them within the first few days after an accident, even if there is no pain or other symptoms, as these can appear at a much later time.   


What exactly do chiropractors recommend for treatment?

The pain caused by an accident is likely to be different from ongoing back issues, so a chiropractor needs to identify and isolate any problems that have been caused by a recent accident. This can include nerve damage, slipped discs, or damage to the muscle tissue in the area.

Chiropractors focus on healing the spine through natural forms of treatment. This can include recommending a regimen for diet, exercise, and physical therapy in addition to what the doctor does to treat your back while you are present in their office. They may refer you to other specialists for continued treatment that is more specific to one of these other areas if necessary.


The process of a personal injury lawsuit

Almost every accident will involve some kind of insurance and personal injury claims to help the victim pay for their problems caused by the accident. While this process may seem daunting, a chiropractor can actually help with the coordination of these things while you are dealing with your insurance company and an attorney.

Concrete documentation of a person’s exact injuries that were caused by an accident will always be beneficial during the claims process and an associated lawsuit. An insurance company will also want to know exactly what a chiropractor did for a patient and how much the services cost before they will pay out and claim money. Some injury attorneys may even make agreements with chiropractors that allow them to be paid for treatment and medical services out of the winnings of a lawsuit, so they do not have to be paid upfront. 


Learn more about your injuries from a local professional

A Fort Lauderdale chiropractor is available to provide all of these services and information about how to proceed after an accident. The directory on contains a wealth of information about bringing a lawsuit, as well as finding a lawyer in your area.

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