Sam Cover Spokane Washington illustrates how to stay in shape amid coronavirus lockdown

May 15, 2020  3:05 AM

Fitness fanatic Sam Cover Spokane Washington reveals how he’s staying in shape amid ongoing social distancing restrictions.

An award-winning chef, Pacific Northwest native Sam Cover Spokane Washington is also a regular gym-goer focused on keeping fit and staying in shape. With social distancing restrictions still in place for many, Cover demonstrates how it’s possible to stay fit even with limited opportunities to embrace more traditional forms of exercise as we continue to weather the ongoing global health crisis.

“With gyms closed and many outdoor activities subject to restrictions, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for many people to embrace their traditional workout regimes,” says Sam Cover Spokane Washington, an award-winning chef, speaking from his home in eastern Washington state.

Sam Cover Spokane Washington has lived and worked across much of the U.S. in recent years, managing kitchens in some of the country’s biggest and best hotels and restaurants. Now a restaurateur himself, Sam Cover Spokane Washington and his various business endeavors continue to face up to the difficulties and uncertainty stemming from the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. “It’s a struggle currently faced by much of the restaurant industry,” suggests Cover, “not just in the U.S., but worldwide, too.”

A lifelong fitness fan, Sam Cover Spokane Washington says he’s working hard, not just to safeguard the future of his professional endeavors, but also to stay in shape, amid ongoing lockdown measures. “It’s important to keep both your body and mind active,” says the award-winning chef.


Since lockdown measures were first implemented, Sam Cover Spokane Washington has been working on maintaining an ever-evolving at-home fitness regime. “With gyms still closed and opportunities for outdoor activities limited, I’ve found some enjoyment in perfecting a fitness regime which can be both sustained and enjoyed at home,” reveals Cover.

Combining cardiovascular activity, anaerobic fitness, strength training, and a variety of balance and stretching exercises, Sam Cover Spokane Washington believes that he’s been able to maintain a similar level of overall fitness while in lockdown to that which he normally enjoys. “I’ve also embraced various aspects of yoga,” Cover points out, “for the first time in my life.”

While adhering to strict social distancing measures, Sam Cover Spokane Washington has also tried hard to maintain a degree of outdoor activity. “Where permitted and safe to do so, a short jog or cycle ride are great,” he suggests, “not just for fitness purposes, but for getting some fresh air and bolstering well-being more generally.”

Where possible, Sam Cover Spokane Washington also recommends completing appropriate aspects of any workout in a garden or on a balcony. “Weather permitting, if you have the outdoor space, exercising in your garden or on a balcony is a great way to lift spirits amid the lockdown,” he adds.

Sam Cover Spokane Washington is hopeful that current restrictions will soon begin to lift, affording ready access once again to parks and other outdoor spaces. “While gyms may remain closed for some time yet, I’m positive that better times are ahead, and it’s important that we maintain our physical and mental well-being to the absolute best of our abilities in the meantime,” adds Cover, wrapping up.

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