Top 8 reasons why Norway should be on your Travel Bucket List

Sep 11, 201911:55 AM

Norway is a remarkable country, and it must be on every traveller’s bucket list. Some of the reasons are safety and the overall happiness of the people along with the Northern Lights, but there is more to Norway than these simple things.

Norway is a magnificent place steeped in history and natural beauty. You can opt to rent a cabin, rather than going to hotels. Apart from these few things, there are many reasons to visit Norway at least once in your lifetime. So, without any further ado, let us have a look at some of the attractions that Norway has.

 Sparkling snow

Do you hate winter and the heavy snow that you have to shovel while it soaks through your boots endlessly? If so, then there is no need to worry as the Norwegian snow is nothing like that.

The magical sparkling snow in Norway is light and fluffy. On some unusually short days, the snow is full of glitter. To sum up, it can be called fairy dust.


If you want to see the Norwegian snow, you can visit Norway in January or in February for the highest quality snow. And if you are uncertain about the places to visit in Norway, then mountains is the answer. During winter, the weather at the sea level varies a lot, and there can be rain also. If you visit the Norwegian mountains during winter, you are going to see a wonderland.

Also, note that farther north does not signify colder in Norway. Places close to the coast will be warmer than places inland, and the coldest ones are the mountains. So, if you want a white winter in Norway, head inland and up. Also, with such amazing snow all over, don’t forget to take your best snowboarding boots.

You can possibly see a polar bear

Let us make this clear that you will not see polar bears roaming around the streets of Norwegian cities, but there is definitely a special spot where you can travel to have a look at the beautiful polar bears.


This spot is somewhere in the Northern Svalbard archipelago, which is north of the Norwegian coast. It is amongst the few places in the world where you can see a polar bear in its natural habitat. You can do snowboarding and maybe come across some of those lovely creatures. To ensure there are no last-minute hiccups, don’t forget to take your snowboarding gears.

The most suitable time is in the summer months from June to September, and you can travel here with direct flights from Oslo or Tromso.

 It is the happiest country in the world

As per the World Happiness Record, Norway got the tag of the happiest country in the world. It very well deserved this title due to the high GDP per capita, high life expectancy and good social support for those less fortunate.

You will be shocked to know that their lowest paying jobs are much higher than the major part of high paid jobs in other parts of the world. The Norwegians are very friendly people, but it takes time for them to open up to new people.

But you are going to feel more than welcomed for sure.


Due to the sheer number of glaciers in Norway, there are lots of waterfalls over there. Some of the waterfalls are just trickling in certain seasons whereas others are more powerful, breath-taking attractions throughout the year.


Though a majority of waterfalls are in the western fjords and the mountains, they can be scattered across the country. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway is Mardalsfossen which is a large and year-round waterfall where you can even feel the spray of the water.

Northern lights

If you want to see mesmerizing green and purple-hued light across the winter sky, then Norway must be on your travel bucket list. From September to late March you can spot the ethereal overhead spectacle between the darkest hours of 6 pm and 1 am.


The aurora borealis has always served as a captivating inspiration of art, mythology, legends and, local lore.


Oslo is witnessing its Cinderella moment and has got more than ample to offer to city breakers. It becomes a virtually open-air city during the summer. People can take advantage of the long summer nights on its beaches, in its parks and rooftop bars.

Due to more sculpture parks, café culture and hipster neighborhoods like Grunerlokka Grove the capital of Norway is fizzing with new energy.

 Husky safari

If you want to try your hand as a musher, then dog sledding in Norway is a must thing to do. You can travel at high speed across the Norwegian wilderness led by a pack of eager huskies.


Generally, you get a chance to feed and also look after the Huskies yourself. Hotel Harriniva has over 400 huskies willing to offer you the best of their home wilderness.

The World’s most beautiful railway

Norway has got the most scenic railroad in the world connecting Myrdal with the small village of Flam. The Flamsbana Railway offers a breathtaking train ride with extra-terrestrial landscapes among majestic mountains which are packed with dense forests, sharp cliffs with turbulent waterfalls and Sognefjord, the largest fjord in Norway.

Norway is one of the countries that you must visit at least once during your lifetime. Norway boats large historic cities along with unending ways to stay active outdoors. If you are planning an amazing getaway, you must definitely make a visit to Norway.


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