Want To Save Costs In Your Social Media Budget? Apply These Hacks.

Jun 27, 2020  6:05 PM

Being a person who handles the social media operations of a brand or company can be a challenging task. You have to do your best to make sure the posts are innovative and creative, have timely uploads, and be relevant to the audiences. On top of all this, you are constantly being told to work on a budget and restrict spending as much as possible.

Social media managing seems like an easy task when you have a flexible budget, but that is not always the case. So, here are a few tips that you can use to make cost-effective changes to your social media calendar.

Start Making Your Own Videos and Creatives

Most businesses try to hire or rope in a team of professionals to do most of their social media work like shooting and editing videos, making creatives, etc. However, what most people don’t realize is that now with the growth of so many digital mediums, people can not only make their own social media posts but also edit their videos on their own.

By using an online video editor no watermark, or an image editing tool by themselves instead of outsourcing the work to a professional, people can save a lot of money. You can use this method, especially when you just need a lot of posts to go up on your page, where time is of the essence.

This is because not only are these softwares user-friendly and suitable for beginners, but they are also hassle-free. This means that they get the job done as quickly as possible in a short amount of time. And as we all know, owing to the requirements of today’s day and age, a time crunch always exists, and every company is trying to play catch-up.

Reposting is Your Best Friend

To have an online presence that is cost-effective and equally engaging, it is very important that you focus on the number of views and followers you are attracting. To do this, you need to up your social media game by many levels and make sure that you are constantly updating your page.

To keep on finding new things to post every day is difficult. It is also not possible to curate a new post and creative day after day. So, what you can do is, follow pages that do the type of work that you do. If they post something that is relevant to your audience and content, you can repost it by giving them the due credits.

This is important since you get a lot of exposure regarding the type of work other brands are doing, and their content on your feed might actually give a touch of some unique posts on your page.

Use Analytical Tools

With the rise of more and more brands and businesses taking on social media to promote themselves and expand their business, social media platforms, too, have started evolving. They understand the need for most companies to have tools to track their progress and engagement over a period of time.

Due to this, all these social media platforms have now given companies options to make their accounts business accounts. By doing this, you can track your progress, how many views your profile gets, how many people share your content on a daily basis, and an overview of your activity online. With the help of statistical data and graphs, these tools help you determine how you have performed on the medium.

According to this, you can make changes to your social media plans depending on your goals. These tools are free of cost and save companies a lot of money that they would otherwise spend on researching consumer satisfaction and audience behavior.

Indulge in Free Engagement Activities

Engaging constantly with your customers is very important for you in terms of building your brand. But another advantage it has is that it does not cost a lot to engage on social media, and it is also a great tool to know your audience.

You can engage with your customers by means of contests and giveaways. These help increase their interest in the brand while also helping your recall value. Whenever they need a product that is under your domain, your customers will think of you first owing to all the brand-building exercises you had done.

Other than this, you can also interact with other companies and give them shoutouts. Shoutouts are basically when you want to appreciate the work someone is doing or the type of content they are creating, you tag them in a post and show your appreciation.

This helps make your competition your support system, and who knows, you might get your own share of shoutouts. This is basically a promotion that is free of cost.

Collaborate With Newcomers

A lot of brands have increasingly started feeling the need to rope in social media influencers and creators to collaborate with them and promote their products. This is a natural thing for any company to do for its promotion. It helps boost sales and gives a lot of traction to your social media page as it attracts all the followers of your influencer.

However, influencers do charge a lot, and it can sometimes put a dent on your social media budget. Here, you can try and go for an influencer that is relatively famous, has a good reach, but is still comparatively new to the field. Due to the fact that they have just started out, their rates might not be that high, and you might get the social media presence that you need.

Pick an influencer whose beliefs and ideologies align with the aims and missions of your company, essentially someone who can add value to your organization, not diminish its quality. This might be a tough choice to make, but it is a suitable option when you are running on a budget.


All in all, some of the key points you need to remember is to make use of the digital mediums that have made promotion and branding a lot cheaper than it used to be. Also, be as independent as possible in terms of creating content. This will save you a huge chunk of money, and you can easily do this by installing softwares that have video editors or an mp3 youtube converter.

Make use of these things along with the analytical tools in a smart manner, and you will surely raise the standard of your social media game within budget.

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