What is the concept behind minimalism?

Sep 14, 2020  4:40 PM

Interior design in the style of minimalism works in the principle of minimum:

– the minimum amount of details, decor, colors, items.

The true style of minimalism in the interior is not associated with an ascetic lifestyle or financial need.

It is an aesthetically pleasing environment characterized, above all, by spaciousness, functionality, and clear organization of space.

The history of the origin of the style

Minimalism appeared in the interior in the 20-30s of the last century.

Its inception was preceded by the tendencies of constructivism, providing for a clear and thoughtful organization of space. Constructivism, in turn, has become an alternative to Art Nouveau, which emphasized chic of natural materials, curved and often massive lines, and ornate decor.

Another factor that contributed to the appearance of minimalism in the interior of apartments is the end of the First World War in 1918. The furniture and building materials industries were just beginning to revive their activities, while people needed a laconic, light, and not overwhelming environment.

In the post-war period, architects (the most famous of whom is Frank Lloyd Wright) began to equip workers’ dwellings that provided functionality and simplicity. Their work quickly became popular.

All this together influenced the appearance and long-term popularity of a new solution in the interior – minimalism.

Style features

Consider the main characteristics of minimalism interior design:

As much free space as possible.
This solution is often achieved by dismantling partitions, replacing interior doors with arches, enlarging window openings. If your room isn’t too big, you can read this article that can help you to make it look more spacious.
Symmetrical, crisp, and proportional lines.
The furniture is modern, spacious, folding, and multifunctional. Sometimes designers prefer asymmetrical furniture. The best way is to choose it online in contemporary sites that provide quality, style, and elegant designs in a wide variety.
Well lit rooms.
No more than three colors are used.
The following colors are most often used: white, gray, black, beige, silver. One bright color can complement them: green, yellow, red, etc.

The furniture is placed in such a way that as much free space as possible remains.

The style of minimalism in the interiors of apartments manages to maintain popularity and exists in parallel with successive fashion trends in the interiors of homes. This is due to the fact that there is always a category of people who do not want to chase the fashion, preferring an unobtrusive and laconic atmosphere.

Another factor in the popularity of the genre is the rapidity of life in a city overloaded with advertising signs, buildings of various sizes, and bustle.

Being in such conditions, you want to come home to feel and see the spaciousness, freedom, the absence of small and loading parts. An unobtrusive but comfortable environment will help you relax, get a good night’s sleep, and rest.

You can use different materials: stone, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics. The main thing is that the lines are flawless, and the surfaces without pretentious textures.

To make minimalism in the interior of the house more expressive, there are several design techniques:

Highlight one or more objects with a bright color. For example, the interior of the living room in the style of minimalism will emphasize a bright armchair or a floor lamp with a bright lampshade. Most often, designers choose green, red, or yellow as bright blotches.

Classic minimalism in the interior will appeal to those who do not tolerate chaos and house. This is a good solution for people prone to perfectionism and order. In such an environment, it is easy to clean, maintain strict proportions of objects, and create interesting but concise combinations.

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