Coronavirus stimulus package F.A.Q .: checks, unemployment and more

Mar 26, 2020 8:25 PM ET

If you are concerned about money that you owe and that you cannot pay, the I.R.S. recommends consulting a tax advisor who can help you apply for an alternative payment plan or other solution.

Would most people who receive social security and disability payments every month also receive an incentive payment?


Would eligible unemployed receive these incentive payments? Veterans?

Yes and yes.

If my income tax refunds are currently garnished due to a student loan default, would that payment be garnished?


Who would be covered by the extended program?

The new bill would involve far more workers than are normally entitled to unemployment benefits, including the self-employed and part-time workers. Conclusion: Those who are unemployed or partially unemployed or cannot work for a variety of reasons in connection with corona viruses are more likely to receive benefits.

How much would i receive?

It depends on your condition.

Benefits would be expanded to replace an employee’s average paycheck, said Andrew Stettner, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, a public policy research group. The average worker earns about $ 1,000 a week, and unemployment benefits often replace about 40 to 45 percent of it. The extension would pay an additional amount to fill the gap.

Under the plan, eligible workers would receive an additional $ 600 per week in addition to their government benefits. But some states are more generous than others. According to the Century Foundation, the maximum weekly benefit is $ 265 in Alabama, $ 450 in California, and $ 681 in New Jersey.

So let’s say a worker in New York City earned $ 1,100 a week. You would be entitled to the maximum state unemployment benefit of $ 435 per week. Under the new program, she will receive an additional $ 600 in unemployment benefits for pandemics, a total of $ 1,035 or almost all of the original paycheck.

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