Covid-19 USB Headset to use at home

Jul 20, 2020 7:15 AM ET

Due to lockdown to fight against the corona virus spreading offices are closed. Employees are allowed to work at home, and that is why the demand for USB Headset has increased a lot. That is why Jabra has introduced a new Bluetooth wireless headset design, which has an inbuilt noise reduction feature. These headsets are UC certified and compatible to operate in any operating systems or hardware configuration. They can be used effectively for making video calls or listening to music. The motion detector sensor can sense whether the headset is worn or not.

Key Features of Jabra Evolve2 65 headset

Dual audio speakers: – These headsets have dual audio speakers that cover the ear lobes entirely. These cover the entire ear lobes and come with an extra cushion, which makes the headset comfortable on wearing for a long duration.
Bluetooth wires enabled headset: – There headsets are Bluetooth enabled that can connect to your laptop, desktop, or computer system through Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth software used is of the latest version that can easily be detected when the Bluetooth visibility is switched on to your device.
Long-range Bluetooth connectivity: – The Bluetooth enables the headset to work from a distance of 100 feet in an ideal condition.
Comes with USB A connection dongle: – You can also use a USB dongle to connect your wireless headsets. Any wireless-enabled devices can also detect it.
Noise cancellation features: – These features make the headsets perfect for working for a home where you have plenty of background sound like noise due to ceiling fan etc.
Motion sensor: – These headsets come with a motion sensor that can detect whether the headset is worn on the head or is left idle.
Busy light indicator: – Customer care executives use headphones for supporting their customers. They often need to go elsewhere from their seat, and hence this busy light indicator can be useful to let executives know the state of the call.

Uses of Jabra Evolve2 65 headset

In the customer support industry, call centers and care cares support teams require reliable headsets that can be to communicate communicating with their customers. These headsets are affordable and have high performance.
Online video conferencing: – MNC companies often want to collaborate their team with new updates; that is why they call for video conferencing. For effective communication, we need a high-performance headset that can reduce the noise and produce excellent sound quality. The clarity of sound becomes extremely important in business meetings through video conferencing.
Virtual court conferencing: – Court cases are being listened online through video conferencing. Advocates need reliable headsets to place their opinions before the court of law. These headsets can be the best companion for those who are involved in virtual court meetings.

USB headsets play an essential role for those working from home due to lockdown for covid 19. There are many USB headsets available these days in the market. You can also order it online through an e-commerce website.


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