Crucial Careers for the Future

Oct 27, 2020 12:46 PM ET

Oct 27, 2020 8:46 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 27, 2020

Job hunting may land you into picking a career field that could later disappoint you. The level of competition in the present world is so stiff, and there aren’t as many jobs as before. It is because of this reason that you should get a career track that is sprouting. You need to look out for job growth, pay, satisfaction, and many other factors. While I’ve been thinking about how to correct and proofread my essay I decided to check crucial careers because this is important for everyone to know and keep in mind. Here are the top career fields that have growth potential in the next decade.

1. Medical Field

It is one field that will always grow. Nurses are in high demand in all corners of the world. Averagely, a practitioner may bag $85,200 annually. The pressure should rise by 23%. They can perform many functions like doctors.

For you to become a nurse, you must have a master’s degree in nursing. The population itself is aging, and healthcare demand will probably double in the next decade.

2. Technology Sector

The field houses IT analysts, Software Engineers, Software Architects, and Systems Engineers. The occupation, especially in IT, is the number one spot that gets expected to grow in the next ten years. They are the most sought after individuals in today’s world. The average salary is about $87,100, and to bag this, you need a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

3. Financial Services

The field contains Financial Advisors, accountants, and actuaries. If you are good with numbers, this industry will be your home. CPA’s bag around $74,200 and the job growth should get at 18%. Most companies are scrapping off the pension plans, opening the doors to assist with employees rooting for retirement planning.

4. Education Sector

The field has Elementary School Teachers, High school Teachers, and College Professors. A falling economy translates to a shoot up in the enrollment of students in colleges and universities. It means more teachers will get enrolled. The average income for a professor is $70,400, and a 23% growth should get met over the next decade.

5. Technical Jobs

The field has Dental Hygienists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and Veterinary Technicians. These jobs may require certifications, but most of them do not call for a college degree. The average earning of a physical therapist assistant is about $42,000. A growth rate of 42% should get witnessed in the next couple of years.

6. Business Service Jobs

The field has specialties like Construction Estimator and Environment Health Specialist. Service jobs in the United States cover more than 70%of all jobs present. With this trend, they should grow by 28%. The average salary is $71,000 annually.

7. Sales Jobs

The field has occupations like Sales Executive, Sales Director, and Senior sales Professional. To any given company, sales are vital. The executives are needed to motivate the employees and push the companies to reach their targets. The field requires them to be outlandish at customer relations and also teach and train the employees on how to close deals. It is a high-pressure occupation, but the payment is a lump sum. The directors of the sales bag up to $142,000 in annual pay, whereas the senior sales executives are not left far behind because they earn up to $127,000 every year. That is a substantial amount of money, even if the job comes bundled with high levels of stress and pressure.