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Jul 27, 2020 10:05 AM ET

Scrum has become a popular framework used by major corporations like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Spotify, etc. It is known for facilitating high-quality results in a short duration of time. The Scrum Master plays an important role in the framework. Scrum Master are a bridge between the development team and the Product Owner and they are also the backbone of the whole Agile process. Scrum Masters are known for mitigating impediments, conflicts that are encountered by the team, and coaching the team for achieving the desired outcome.  

CSM is beneficial for making a better career. If yes, then how? In this article, we will be learning about all the benefits CSM training has to offer. Scrum master certification courses are available for everyone who wants to get started in the field of IT.  

Benefits of CSM Certification training 

Here are the benefits that the professionals with the CSM certification can enjoy: 

After completing the CSM training, the members can join Scrum Project Team and feel a sense of self-ownership.  
When employees are self-motivated, they can help them develop through their knowledge and performance. 

The training will help in developing a working environment for the team that is helpful for the growth of the company. 
A Scrum Master can add immunity from the distractions, internal as well as external. 

Once you complete the CSM certification training, here are a few other benefits that you can get: 

A badge of honor 

Collaborate better with your stakeholders  
Change your mindset 
Stay marketable and relevant 
Join a community of experts 
Win projects with qualified employees 

Get a strong foundation of Scrum knowledge 
Prove your knowledge to the peers 
Influence the organization for adopting the Agile methodology 
It also benefits the organization 

Individual benefits 

Better career opportunities as the Scrum Master. 
Expertise in implementing the principles of Scrum in real-life projects. 
Proficiency in creating self-organizing teams working in a collaborative environment. 
Remove impediments and protect your team from any distractions. 

Act as a Scrum enabler, facilitator, mentor, and servant leader. 

Organizational benefits 

When the organization adopts the Scrum framework and hires a Certified Scrum master, it is able to get the following benefits from itself and its clients: 

Facilitating communication between the stakeholders and the development team. 

Clearing impediments that the team might encounter during the life cycle of product development. 
Conducting sprint meetings from time-to-time and eliminating backlogs. 
Improving work efficiency and ensuring high-quality and faster delivery. 
Helping the team adopt Scrum and deliver value to the customer. 

Certified Scrum masters can work as a project lead and facilitate the methodology for the team. During the CSM course, you will be addressing the required soft skills to become a Scrum master like team motivation, team dynamics, planning, and estimation. These skills are required for becoming a competent and efficient Scrum Master. You will also get a comprehensive overview of the Agile and Scrum framework. CSM is a formal and industry-accepted way of acquiring all the skills needed for becoming a Scrum Master. 

It is given that during the CSM course, you will be developing a deep understanding of the Scrum methodology. At the end of the training, you will get the credential that is well-recognized by top companies all across the world. It also gives you a competitive edge in your career. 

The Scrum methodology is ingrained in the product and project management cycles of several companies. The demand is only going to increase. And as the demand for the Scrum Masters is rising, getting the CSM certification is the best move for you. You can use this certification for achieving an unmatched potential in this ever-changing market. 

CSM Salary in the top countries 

The average salary of a Scrum Master varies from country to country. The countries where a Scrum Master gets paid the most are the USA, Canada, the UK, India, and Australia. Here is a table showing the average salary of CSM in these countries: 


Salary per annum 

United States of America  
60,000 – 122,000 

57,000 109,000  

579,000 – 2,000,000  

United Kingdom  
30,000 -60,000  

75,000 – 142,000  


A Certified Scrum Master is known to get employment opportunities in different industries. The role of a Scrum master is also different in every company and industry. As a CSM professional, you will be broadening your skill set and increasing your scope in terms of roles. Here is a table  displaying the salary for different job roles: 


Job Role  
Salary per annum (in USD)  

Scrum Master  
60,000 – 123,000  

Agile Software Developer  
65,000 – 122,000  

Project Manager  
90,000 – 105,000  

Scrum Expert  
77,000 – 123,000  

Project Manager  
59,000 – 121,000  

Business Analyst  
64,000 – 125,000  


As a certified Scrum Master gets more skills and experience, their income will also increase. Here is a table that shows how much a Certified Scrum Master can earn on the basis of their years of experience: 


Years of Experience  
Salary per annum (in USD)  

< 1  
66,000 – 77,000  

75,000 – 81,000  

80,000 – 96,000  

97,000 – 109,000  

107,000 – 118,000  


Top companies like Bank of America, IBM, Walmart, Microsoft, etc. are some of the top companies that employ certified Scrum Masters. Here is how much the top companies pay to CSM professionals: 


Top Companies  
Salary (in USD)  

Capital One Financial Corp.  
74,000 – 123,000  

Bank of America Corp.  
88,000 – 112,000  

Wal-Mart Stores Inc.  
73,000 – 100,000  

JP Morgan Chase & Co.  
86,000 – 130,000  

International Business Machines (IBM) Corp.  
1,00,000 -136,000  



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