David Osborne of Austin Examines the Question: Is “Money Chasing” a Wise Choice for Athletes?

May 21, 2021 1:00 PM ET

David Walter Osborne, an Austin-area financial expert, has seen too many of his athlete clients chase huge paychecks and not think of long-term success. Thankfully, he has helped many of them avoid this mistake and steered them towards more sustainable competition levels.

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Why David Osborne of Austin Advises Against Chasing a Paycheck

Although David Osborne of Austin knows that many athletes want to get paid and deserve money for their skills, he is wary of athletes who chase after paychecks. Yes, this may help them stay strong financially in some ways. But David Osborne, an Austin financial specialist for professional athletes, believes that such an approach is not a good one for athletes concerned about their career.

First of all, David Osborne, who serves Austin and the surrounding areas, understands that an athlete’s success is often hard to maintain and sustain. There are many circumstances in which an athlete may find themselves struggling temporarily. And if they are on a questionable team that is having a bad year, David Osborne in Austin worries that these high-paid athletes could be blamed for their team’s struggles.

Look at it from the angle of the team and their fans. If an athlete is getting paid a lot of money, they are expected to perform and raise a team to a higher level. David Osborne from Austin knows that one player alone is not enough to win games. But that’s not how fans think. Often, high-paid athletes on low-performing teams get singled out and get cut or traded and get a bad reputation as an underachiever.

Just as problematically, David Osborne serving Austin athletes knows that athletes who chase big paychecks often get a bad reputation among others in their field. Although all athletes want to get good money, those who leave good teams to get paid more elsewhere or who insist on higher paychecks at the expense of their team end up becoming disrespected, David Osborne in Austin says.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to get the kind of money you deserve for your talent. Instead of chasing big checks, though, David Osborne of Austin suggests looking for long-term success with a single team that helps to build a strong reputation. Look at Tom Brady in his New England years. He continually took pay cuts to keep the team solid and coherent.

Of course, David Osborne in Austin understands not every athlete has the skill set or ability to do such a thing. That said, this example shows that other methods are available and that longevity, rather than a quick paycheck, is a better way to stay successful.


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