David Yarrow Photography: Skill Still Matters, Regardless of the Latest Camera Technology

Aug 27, 2021 1:30 PM ET

There are a lot of amazing cameras and video tools available today. With the latest advancements in light sensitivity, image stabilization, auto-zoom, color enhancement based on computer assistance and more, today’s cameras are light years ahead of where they were just 30 years ago. However, regardless of all these new features, David Yarrow is in heavy company when he commits to the argument that skill still makes the better photograph regardless of technology today.

The Definition of Professional

David Yarrow knows photography; he’s been practicing it as a professional for decades. And the key factor that makes a professional stand apart from an amateur is in the aspect of consistent delivery of high quality with every shot. While an amateur with a very advanced camera may score an interesting photograph once in a while. A professional, notes David Yarrow, does it every time, regardless of the camera used. The skill is seen whether the photographer is using a manual film-winding relic or the most computerized image capture tool available today.

Empty Marketing Promises

The problem with today’s advanced technology in cameras, according to photographer David Yarrow, is that they create too much convenience combined with slick marketing. Compared to the cameras David Yarrow started with, today’s advanced equipment practically does all of the thinking for the user. Add in enhanced marketing and advertisements about supposed capabilities, and David Yarrow notes it’s no surprise people think they can automatically take professional photographs the first try out. And then, David Yarrow points out, the reality kicks in. The photographs aren’t that good, the color is off, the clarity is missing, and the output looks just like photographs from a cheaper camera. What’s missing? In David Yarrow’s opinion, the answer is simple: true skill.

Speaking from Experience

Having run his own photography business, David Yarrow Photographer, for decades, Yarrow can easily confirm it takes training, application, time and a lot of learning from mistakes to develop true professional skill. Instead of spending lots of money on the latest gadget, David Yarrow recommends most folks just get a basic SLR camera and focus on learning how to take really good photographs first. Following in David Yarrow’s footsteps, that means learning about lighting, context, framing, subject matter, types of photography, equipment settings, timing, and a whole lot of practice. Eventually, if one has the aptitude, the skill will develop into true, real photography.

Product and Practice Speak Volumes

David Yarrow doesn’t expect to out-shout the industry and its heavy, consumerism pitch that technology can produce miracles. However, because if his proven photographic eye, eventually people come to him all the time asking how to improve their work. And, no surprise, Yarrow’s answer remains the same; forget the latest gadget and focus on taking good photographs first. For David Yarrow, the skill is what makes the image powerful. Fancy technology then just becomes gravy on top for added enhancements. At the end of the day, a good old-fashioned practice still reigns when it comes to producing high-quality image work like what David Yarrow is famous for.

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