Day care centers in Rockville MD: Offering more than just “care”

Mar 29, 2021 11:00 PM ET

The notion of a “typical” day care center doesn’t apply to day care centers in Rockville MD within the Montgomery Child Care Association (MCCA) network. That’s because there’s nothing “typical” about the experiences offered to children within the network. Contrary to many such centers in the region, MCCA team provide more than just “standard care” to their kids. Using a holistic approach to the welfare and wellbeing of children, staff and administrator’s deliver early learning experiences to children that go beyond time-defined levels of care.

Preparing Kids Today, for Tomorrow

Daycare centers in Rockville Maryland play a critical role in the development of children within a community. But, thanks to the safe and caring environment these institutions offer, they also act as a key support system for families that have young children – especially for young mothers who bear the brunt of child rearing. Access to day care within a community means more mothers can join the workforce and contribute, not just to their families’ financial futures, but to the development of their communities too.

But a quality-run day care center does a lot more for the child too – more than just serve as a place where they (the children) are left in the morning, and picked-up in the evening. Because these children spend so much time at the center, that’s the ideal place to nurture them for life beyond day care.

MCCA  day care centers in Rockville MD are places where children take the first steps in preparing themselves today, for a learning journey that awaits them tomorrow. The care, attention and grounding that preschoolers receive at their day care centers, grounds them to do well in elementary schooling and beyond in the months and years to come. Without the assistance and guidance of qualified and experienced early childhood educators today, young children (preschoolers) would likely have a challenge transitioning to the schooling and life environments that await them tomorrow.  

A Holistic Approach to Daycare 

When it comes to caring for the children in its system, MCCA child care centers take a holistic view to delivering daycare. Staff deliver the education, care and attention that children require, in line with a curriculum that’s approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE):

– Children are cared for in a safe and nurturing environment, where no harm will come to them

– Staff at the center of care are well trained and highly experienced in all aspects of the curriculum

– Each child receives the care and attention they need in line with their unique care needs

– Staff at the centers don’t just act as guardians and chaperons to the children while under their care. Children receive multi-dimensional care and learning, which addresses their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing 

It is this holistic approach to nurturing and caring for the children they serve that make MCCA daycare centers in Rockville Maryland anything but “typical”.  While at the centers, kids learn invaluable life skills that’ll assure future success as they get ready to pursue higher education in the coming months and years. Their day care experiences also prime children for greater success as they take their place in the workforce and become contributing members of broader society.

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