Deep economic slump of the unknown period was caused by epidemic in the USA

Feb 12, 2021 5:00 PM ET

Deep economic slump

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A deep economic slump of the unknown period was caused by epidemic in the USA and resulting in industry closures, event canceling, and work-from-home schemes. If concerning about the unemployment rate, then it plummeted by 0.5% points in September 2020, relative to the previous months, although non-farm payrolls continued to grow, even though they were only down by 10.7 million compared to February 2020.

Moving towards the GDP of America last year, in the fourth quarter of 2020, actual gross domestic product (GDP) rose at a yearly rate of 4.0%, representing both continued economic rebound from the sharp falls earlier that year and the lasting effects of the pandemic, including tougher sanctions and closures that have taken place in some parts of the United States. Actual GDP rose 33.4 percent in the third quarter.

Even after this, the U.S. still has an essential industrial base, which accounts for about 15% of output, as the service sector is the main driver of the economy. The United States is the world’s second-largest producer and a pioneer in relatively higher sectors such as vehicles, aerospace, machinery, telecommunications, and drugs.

The Federal Reserve has taken a wide variety of measures to mitigate the economic harm incurred by the pandemic, including loans of up to $2.3 trillion to benefit families, employers, industry markets, and local and state authorities. It is the United States’ savings bank that offers a secure, versatile, and stable economic and credit structure for the region.


Now the question arises, how & why FED does help in terms of U.S. capital markets and the financial system?

Federal, state, and local authorities have taken measures to reduce the spread of the epidemic, reducing spending and damaging the earnings of businesses and families, leading to a slump. The Fed is seeking to ensure that, during this tough period, liquidity continues to flow to consumers and companies and that the financial system does not intensify the economic shock. So, the following are some ways to support the economic system of America:

  • By keeping the interest rate nearly zero
  • Supporting the operation of stock sector
  • By boosting banks to fund
  • By helping corporations and companies
  • Supporting customers and families

In terms of loans, there’s a great impact of coronavirus pandemic on the lending industry in the USA. Almost no one is spared from this crisis when it comes to banking. While a second relief bill may help fill the financial void that unemployment and other difficulties have left, some will also resort to loans. Some of them might need assistance making the payments if they do have a personal loan.

Although several lenders have intensified eligibility criteria for personal loans, still some have launched low-rate, small-dollar loans such online payday loans Texas to borrowers who face financial difficulties. 

But quantitative easing checks and disability benefits will not be appropriate for some to offset expenses. A coronavirus hardship loan may be one solution. This form of loan is usually a small-dollar, low-cost personal loan targeted at people who are facing a downturn in, or lack of, income as a result of the recent recession, unlike Paycheck Security Program (PPP) loans, which are for companies only.

It could be worth contacting local nonprofits, charities, or credit unions for access to low-cost emergency accounts if you need to take out this, coronavirus hardship loan. Several credit unions and numerous banks have created their own variations of this personal loan. Before going for one, here’s what to know.

Bank Unions offer a new form of personal loan:

According to the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), a marketing company that works on behalf of credit unions, over 80% of credit unions are now providing some sort of new loan to their affiliates.

Personal credit union loans directly linked to pandemic usually have a term of around three months and are made to help borrowers fund short-term costs in sums up to about $2,000.

Several banks are rendering loans for Coronavirus Hardship:

To those affected by the epidemic, several financial institutions have offered some sort of a helping hand. Smaller loans with more attractive conditions than conventional personal loans are now offered by some banks.

For a swift infusion of money, if you need it, a personal loan is just one of the best options, in the current situation in the USA. But before opting for a coronavirus hardship loan, you must keep a few things in your mind. Such as:

  • It would also have to be repaid like other loans, even though the terms of a coronavirus hardship loan sound enticing.
  • Pay careful attention to the conditions, including the costs involved with it and the rate of interest you would pay, if you choose to seek this personal loan.
  • Calculate your gross monthly revenue and expenditures to make sure that as repayment arrives, you can handle your new monthly expenditures.

There are several other ways also, to get some financial help at this time, as a citizen of America. Such as online payday lenders, which are the best and easy alternatives for emergency funds. And if talking about today’s economy, you’ll certainly need decent credit and a stable income to apply. Your credit score is not impacted by pre-qualifying that’s why citizens with bad credit history, chose this option even today.

In fact, few credit unions also offer some alternatives of payday loans, which are better than short-term loans with high-interest rates. The overall APR of these loans can be 28%. But for that, you need to have a good credit history.

In the end, it is particularly important to be specific on how and where you will be able to repay the loan if you have been laid off or lost your work, and consider taking out the least amount you need to cover your expenses. Moreover, if you are thinking about the coronavirus hardship loan, then don’t forget that it would not have the chance of forgiveness tied to it. Hence, make a wise decision by concerning & comparing the lending affiliate company PaydayLV or credit unions.

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