Denver, Colorado, How Can a Tax Attorney Help Me During Bankruptcy?

Feb 17, 2020 8:05 PM ET

Claiming bankruptcy is the legal procedure of going through a court trial involving both a judge and a trustee to determine whether a business owner has lost out enough- according to their current assets and liabilities- to be able to have their debts forgiven.

Filing for bankruptcy isn’t an easy decision to make and most individuals generally file for it when they find they can no longer pay the bills and their losses are far more than their gain. The fact that the laws concerning bankruptcy have become more complex in the previous year’s makes matters even more complicated and it is definitely not a good idea for someone who is already going through so much to try and handle the legalities themselves.

 Anyone who feels the need to file for bankruptcy to protect their assets should not hesitate at all before reaching out to a qualified tax lawyer in Denver, CO  as soon as possible. A tax lawyer will be able to help a person sort out their financial paperwork to qualify for the debt relief they need. 

Some of the legal procedures a tax attorney will be able to take care of during bankruptcy includes:

Determining the amount of tax owed by the business
Dealing with tax collection issues
Providing Asset protection
Representing small business owners with the IRS and in court
Managing real estate or property seizure

For someone’s bankruptcy claim to be processed in their favor, they must make sure they can prove their losses. This is not an easy task to do on one’s own, however, if they can prove that they truly need support, they will be able to get debt relief to help them get back on their feet. To ensure that a person has the most chances possible of winning their case and being relieved of their debt, they should make sure they have a legal representative who specializes in tax-related matters to help them.


What else can a tax lawyer help me with?

tax lawyer won’t just be able to help a business owner out with filing for bankruptcy and all the legalities that come with it, but they can also help a person in a variety of other financial matters such as IRS tax litigation, audits, back taxes, IRS debt, tax fraud, and other similar matters. Tax is a complicated topic and when it comes to the legalities behind dealing with one’s taxes, matters become that much more complicated. If a person needs the help and their business did not turn out the way they always dreamt it would, they don’t have to try and deal with the loss on their own. 

Hiring a tax lawyer will help remove the burden of legal paperwork from one’s shoulders so they can focus on more important matters, such as recovering from the emotional hardship and trying to find another financial avenue to get them back on their feet again.


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