Denver, Colorado, Two Women Sexually Assaulted During Flight

Mar 12, 2020 12:05 AM ET

Sexual assault is a serious crime and the victims of such crimes often end up suffering mentally for a large part of their life. It can be very difficult to overcome such personal trauma and anyone who has experienced such an ordeal should know they can reach out to a sexual assault attorney at anytime to claim the justice they deserve against the individual who caused them so much hurt and pain.

Two residents from Denver Colorado put forth a lawsuit claiming they were sexually assaulted by male passengers during their flight in October ad November of 2018. Their lawsuit is against the Frontier Airline because they asked for help and were entirely ignored. One woman says she asked to simply switch her seat but was refused without consideration.

Not only did they fail to offer help at the scene of the crime, they also failed to contact the relevant authorities when the flight landed, and they simply let the men off the hook for their actions. To make matters worse, they failed to give the names and identities of the male passengers who had committed the sexual assault. The airline failed to be responsible in so many ways and that is why a lawsuit is a very appropriate reaction to what the two women were forced to endure.

This is not the first lawsuit this airline has seen. Previously, some staff members filed lawsuits against them claiming the airline had been highly discriminant against them while they were going through pregnancy.


What should I do if I am sexually assaulted on an aircraft?

Unfortunately, reports of sexual assault on airlines have been increasing rapidly and have soared by 66% in recent years. This sudden increase is alarming when a person considers that such crimes are usually very under-reported.

 If a person has been harassed while on an airline, they should first try to contact the staff for help. If the staff fails to respond, they should try to make as much of a big deal as possible regarding the actions of the harasser.

Flights can be long, and the sexual harassment could turn into full-on assault if action is not taken appropriately. They should also make it a point to try and get the name of the individual who was harassing them as this will be necessary for a successful investigate later.

When a person lands, they should get in touch with a legal professional and call the authorities as soon as possible to increase the chances of the perpetrator being legally held responsible for their actions. If a person takes too long to call the authorities, there are high chances that the case will not be taken seriously. It can already be difficult to track down the harasser, especially when the airline fails to comply. Contacting an attorney is the best way to ensure a thorough investigation will be conducted and that a person will get to see the perpetrator put to justice for their crime.

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