Denver police officers file wrongful termination case after they were fired for following orders

Mar 10, 2020 3:05 PM ET

Denver, CO – Two Denver police officers filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after their employment was suddenly ended.


Two cops fired after leaving to give an ill man a ride home

The incident revolves around the two Denver deputies giving a coworker a ride home, which they say was a legitimate order from their superiors. They essentially left work early to drive another man who worked with the department back home when he was sick.

The man in question was suffering from cancer symptoms at the time and he had been working security duty at a local jail. He was feeling lightheaded after undergoing recent chemotherapy treatment, and did not seem to be in any condition to drive on that day. Internal affairs for the department became involved when he also admitted to drinking alcohol during that work day to numb his pain.

Both officers were fired shortly after driving him home, and they initially appealed the decision to the Career Service Board. After going through this procedure and losing, they decided to file a wrongful termination case. The two officers also made comments about how irrational the city was acting over the whole situation. They believe that certain people who are in charge of these matters simply do not want to back down from a poor decision and look foolish in the process.

The three defendants named in the lawsuit are the city’s Career Service Authority Board, the local county government, and the Department of Safety. A spokesperson for the city told local news organizations that they would not comment on a pending lawsuit.


The process of labor board claims and lawsuits

When people lose their jobs for dubious reasons, it is often best to retain legal help and try to determine if the employer had a bona fide motive for making changes. If not, the employer may be sued, fined, or subjected to other disciplinary measures.

Because most employment claims have to follow a standard procedure with an equal employment opportunity commission or similar body, it is best to have a lawyer present at the start of a case. In some situations, there may be local agencies that handle these matters for the state of Colorado which get involved as well. Your attorney can advise you regarding what procedures to follow based on whether you work for a private sector company, state government, federal government, or any other entity.


Get help from lawyers licensed in Colorado

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