Digital Signage: Improving Your Business in the Digital Age

Oct 19, 2020 9:32 AM ET

Oct 19, 2020 5:32 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 19, 2020

Living in a digital world is not news to everyone. Business owners should adjust to what attracts native digital customers. Traditional stores need to embrace innovation and technology that will bring in more customers.

The impact of digital signage increased every time. It presents opportunities for the world of business. It has become more advanced where people can interact, connect, and pull content, rather than being passive.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a digital installation that shows photos and videos of the products that a company aims to sell or services that they offer. It is a subcategory of electronic signage and uses LCD, LED, e-paper, and projection. It serves as an advertisement and information drive for customers to see.

Interactive digital signage

Digital signage technology now offers more interactivity of the customers with digital signage. It is more than just displaying photos and videos as advertisements. The interactivity of this new technology encourages customers to use digital signage more extensively. It even allows customers to share content using social media.

Well-designed digital signages installed on the windows or entrance of a store engages the attention of possible customers. Digital signages with a browsing feature help in giving customers product information. The browsing feature can act as a search engine and recommend customers the promotional items that the store sells.

Digital signages can also be functional during the payment process. Customers no longer need to wait in line because they can navigate the signage or their mobile phones in paying. Most importantly, the usage of interactive digital signage gives excitement and entertainment to customers who navigate it.

Digital signage software 

Many different software options offer different capabilities that will suit different purposes. What is vital is that the software should allow easy creation and usage of digital signage. The software should incorporate interactivity, third-party services, data collection, and hardware integration.

Digital signage software should achieve interactivity to enable customers to interact with the store via digital signage virtually. It is ideal to have motion sensors, speech recognition, and gesture recognition. Having a human-machine interaction will help in the engagement of customers with the store via digital signage.

Digital signage hardware

As mentioned above, digital signages are no longer just displays of a photo or video. We are now living in an age where creators, industries, and service providers want to choose how the signage will serve them at will.

One example is the use of multi-touch screens for digital signage. This technology allows two or more fingers to navigate the screen. The people can interact with the content that is displayed on the screen. Since multiple fingers are navigating the screen, the signage allows independent interactions with the gadget.

Another example of hardware is the usage of beacons. Beacons are devices that use low energy. They broadcast a unique URL or a unique identifier. Content providers can create a connection to the actual product after sending beacon notifications. Once these beacons capture unique identifications, it will then provide information on a certain product.

Benefits of digital signage

The benefits of digital signages depend upon the features that the store orders as functions of its digital signage. Benefits are varied and vast. However, the following are the common benefits derived from getting digital signage:

1. Saves time

Getting digital signage will save your customers the time and effort on inquiring about a certain product and in paying for the purchase of the items. In waiting areas, customers will get entertained with the visuals that the digital signages will provide.

2. Better communication between customers and store staff

Since the customers already watched the digital signage before entering the store, the customers will have little information on the products that the store is selling. Take note that people retain more information if the info is given using digital visuals.

 3. More profit

People get drawn with creative and beautiful visuals. If your digital signages are visually pleasing and informative at the same time, then customers will surely flock your business. Getting digital signage is a creative way of showing customers promotions and product specials.

4. Easy modifications

It is easier to edit information about a product or a promotion if you have digital signage. It is easier and more cost-effective to update information with digital signage than constantly ordering new signages to update product information.

5. Beneficial for store staff

There will be better customer service if there is digital signage in your store. Since the digital signage answers common questions about product information and prices, store staff can focus more on the complex needs of the customers.


 As technology progresses, stores should also adjust to this progression. It would be best to incorporate the advancement of technology to the benefit of your business. Getting digital signage is an effective marketing tool that is worth a try.