Dillon Kim on Why Santa Clara is the Perfect Landscape for Biking

Sep 28, 2021 12:00 PM ET

Dillon Kim is a longtime resident of Santa Clara, CA. While attending Santa Clara University, Dillon Kim found that maintaining a healthy school/work/life balance was key to managing stress and performing at his highest levels in all areas of life. As a father and a husband, Dillon Kim discovered it was even more important to carve out quiet times for both reflection and exercise.

What Dillon Kim discovered was that Santa Clara has the perfect landscape for taking time out, deep breathing, and experiencing the calming presence of nature while journeying on long bike rides.

Dillon Kim on Why Santa Clara is the Perfect Landscape for Biking

Dillon Kim on the benefits of Santa Clara scenic bike riding

Santa Clara a unique American landscape

There are not many communities in the US where bike riders can enjoy a Mediterranean climate that is temperate all year long. Located at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay, Santa Clara County boasts a fertile valley that runs the entire north to south length of the county.

At the same time, bike riders will witness  the rolling hills of the Diablo Range, the Santa Cruz Mountains, wetlands and salt marshes, along with many lakes, rivers, and of course, the San Francisco Bay.

Whether you’re looking for family recreation or want to discover the health benefits of bike riding, then Santa Clara has the perfect landscape for cycling.

Santa Clara – A bike-friendly community

Actually, Dillon Kim is proud of the investment in walking trails and bike paths that the county of Santa Clara has made. The Foothill Expressway is just one of many cycling trails that supports a green ecosystem, a healthy lifestyle, and a pedestrian-friendly community.

The League of American Bicyclists has listed Santa Clara as one of the most “bicycle friendly communities,” along with other California cities like San Jose and Palo Alto. The statistic that is most impressive to Dillon Kim is that while California as a whole can boast of having about 44 bicycle-friendly communities, Santa Clara County alone accounts for about 15 percent of the state’s total bicycle-friendly communities.

Dillon Kim’s and the best Santa Clara bike trails

Sunnyvale Bay Trail – 20 miles of scenic views for all fitness levels
Ulistac Natural Area – a family-friendly nature preserve in the heart of Silicon Valley
Henry Schmidt Park – to enjoy a quick bike ride in a local green space
Baylands Park Trail – a 1.3 mile loop trail for road biking enthusiasts 

If you want to discover new biking territories, Dillon Kim suggests visiting the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition website, which provides a biking/walking/hiking trail map resource for Santa Clara city, Santa Clara county, and the state of California.

The nation is experiencing a bicycling boom as a way to enjoy the great outdoors while being socially distant. Not only is cycling great exercise, Dillon Kim believes it is a great way to infuse adventure and exploration into your life – and to also be a part of the amazing cycling community of Santa Clara.

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