DIY Slime: How To Create Cute Slime On a Budget

Nov 7, 2023 11:00 PM ET

Unsurprisingly, slime has transitioned from being considered icky and disturbing to becoming a medium for artistic expression. Slime has dramatically evolved from kiddie’s play to a new art resource that is becoming the new hobby of most adults. And it’s just like every trend most people follow when one celebrity hops on it. However, there are times when funds can restrict a hobby. If you have ever wanted to build a cute slime collection for yourself, welcome to the right article. In this piece, we will dive into the world of slime to show you how to have a beautiful collection without breaking your bank.

Essential Ingredients For Creating a Budget-Friendly Slime

When creating budget-friendly slime, it’s essential to visit a dollar store or a budget-friendly creative art store, or you can find affordable options from online stores. But what do you want to purchase to create slime? Below is a list of essential items for creating slime:

– Glue: It is the primary ingredient that determines the texture of the slime

– Activator: Activators hold the slime in place and allow it to preserve its integrity even after creation.

– Colorings: Even if you want to build a cheap slime, you must spice it up with some colors. Colors make the slime attractive and give the idea of creating a collection.

– Add-ins: Add-ins like beads, glitters, and tiny toys can be purchased to make the final slime beautiful.

The secret to creating a budget-friendly slime is to use affordable add-ins and extras. You must never compromise on the type of glue and activator you intend to use in creating your slime. 

Glue VS Shampoo

Still, there is a new trend in town on budget-friendly slime creation. Using shampoo as a base for slime creation. While both the glue and shampoo can make cute slimes, they have different results in the end. Glue is best suited for creating traditional slime, allowing you to paint and add glitter. On the other hand, if you want a fluffier and cloud-like slime, you should use shampoo as a base. Shampoo is almost always available at home, but you can get cheap glue from a store. 

The Joy of Crafting Affordable Slime

While some individuals are okay with emptying their accounts on creativity, most people have limited resources. Creating budget-friendly slime has provided creative opportunities for individuals of all ages. Allowing them to explore their minds and thinking faculties with an end goal. When using affordable slime to create, you are mindful that resources are limited; hence, you challenge your brain to deliver good work even with limited resources.

Another thing with cheap slime is that it can be used by children or as a means of getting together as adults. For kids, it serves as a perfect replacement for screen time. Adults can host a meet and greet with their small community and include cheap slime-making sessions to allow others to explore their creative minds. 


Making affordable and cute slime is very simple. You just need to get the right materials and a suitable working space. There are different ideas for your slime collections. All you need to do is open up your heart and creative mind.

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