Do You Know What Your Children Are Doing Online?

Feb 23, 2021 1:47 PM ET

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Who doesn’t want to be online? There are fascinating stories and other information that we all want to know. For the adults, it’s very okay since you already know what you are doing. What about the kids who just discovered the internet of things?

Children need control, especially when dealing with modern gadgets. We are talking about smartphones, tablets, and computers here. These days, we want the internet every time since it reduces human contact.

It’s the training that the world is facing to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. For the kids, however, you will want to know their every move. Why? Because the internet is a double-edged sword, especially where the minors are concerned.

Part 1: Studying Children Online Activities

Now, the question is, do you know what your kids are doing while online? When you are around, it’s easier to monitor them. What about when you are away for work or chasing errands? That’s the reason why you need to read this post to learn about Spyier.

When you are out, the kids know that ‘the cat is away and the mice have a chance to play.’ What they may not know is that you already have a third eye on the tablets and smartphones.

If you don’t know how to go about it, then it’s time to learn about the monitoring applications. Spyier is one of them, and it has gone ahead to help millions of parents in more than 190 countries.

How? By spying on what the kids are doing while on the internet without alerting them. That’s the essence of using a spying application but, there’s more. It’s an app that allows you to view the activities remotely without compromising the phone whatsoever.

Once you start using such monitoring apps on the kids’ devices, here is what you will be viewing:

Part 2: Kids Online Activities at Your Disposal

Browsing History

They are on the internet, which means there are websites to be visited when they access the search engines. Spying applications such as Spyier will collect such information for you to view. You’ll get a chance to see all the visited links and what they contain.

Social Media Activities

What are they doing on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, among other social apps? You can capture the activities in them all if you have a great application like Spyier. Reputable spying apps will capture all the messages, contacts, and timestamps.

Social apps can also share pictures and videos, among other attachable files. Getting a chance to see them all will help you know what the kids are viewing. It will also help get the best measures to curb the viewing and use of inappropriate files and messages.

Installed Applications

Nowadays, we have applications that depend on the internet. If the app is not in the social apps category, this is another area to check on the progress. Availing such applications, together with the confidential information, will be a breakthrough.

Keylogger Reports

As the kids browse, they will be typing some things depending on the occasion. Here, you have a chance to view all the recorded keystrokes made on their devices. Are they hiding usernames and passwords from you?

That should not be a cause to worry since monitoring apps such as Spyier have this feature. As long as they are using the keyboard to type, the data will always be collected. Good recording habits involve grouping the keystrokes according to the application used.

That way, you will know what was used to access the various platforms.

Part 3: Why Should You Monitor Kids Online Activities?

We know that the online world is full of dangers. That is why you don’t want your child to be a victim or the one oppressing others. We want our children to be knowledgeable in this advancing world, but their curiosity needs to be tamed.

Apart from the malware that ruins people’s devices and lives, we also have intriguing information. By that, we are referring to porn sites and other irrelevant content from various sources.

Keeping an eye on your kids using a monitoring application will help you capture such activities. While kids are known to have curiosity, they may also not know what they are doing.

Being the parent, you will guide them through if they click on things they shouldn’t.

Part 4: Qualities of a Good Child Monitoring Application

As you look for an application that will update you on kids’ online activities, these are the points to consider:


Most mobile devices currently use Android or iOS operating systems. The solution you choose should cover both, if not more.

Real-time results

Kids will be maneuvering online now and then, and you need the information as soon as possible.  Therefore, your app should get the data as soon as the child updates on their end.

No phone alteration

Have you ever heard of rooting in Android or jailbreaking in iOS? Those are practices that you should avoid at all costs. Apps that demand such cannot give you complete information unless you compromise the phone.

That also means they don’t have cutting-edge technologies.


You need an application that does not impose malware on the children’s devices and your end too. The application should also have mechanisms to ensure that the data you collect is safe from unauthorized access.

Stealth mode operation

Excellent monitoring solutions should never be visible. If your kid knows about a foreign app on their device, they will start looking for ways to counter the measure. The worst part is the actual removal of the application.

Remote viewing

Checking on your kids’ online activities means that you should be away from their phone. Most spying apps attain this by having an online dashboard in your account.


Apart from the OS aspect, monitoring apps should also have a web portal that works with all browsers. That allows you to log in anywhere regardless of the device. The only limitation at this point should be the internet connection.

Plethora of features

The more features you get out of a monitoring application, the better the results. For apps like Spyier, they have more than 30 specifications in the package. That tells you there is more to see apart from the online activities.


We believe that we have answered the question on how to know what your children are doing online. All you need is a reputable application to give you the information first hand. The best part is that you will be viewing their activities remotely.

With that, do you don’t want your child to be aware that you are monitoring them? Some of the best examples to cover your intentions include the Spyier application.