Does Meme Work In Social Media Marketing?

Nov 26, 2020 7:13 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 26, 2020  2:13 PM ET

The people who manage and advertise social media websites always look for ways that increase the visibility of their brand. Marketers craft content in a way to create truly engaging marketing campaigns that enhance the loyalty of their brand. A meme is ideal for a brand that depends on the latest cultural references to be associated with a broader set of people. Let us know more about how Meme helps in social media marketing.

Why Should A Business Use Memes?

People have got bored of looking at similar webpages filled with content. They do not find any newness in them. They like pages that are captivating and attention-grabbing. Memes are beneficial for a large chunk of businesses that are looking for strategies that can make them viral.

This will ultimately help in driving more traffic to their social media. Pages like PutPut is very compelling. They are the perfect example of how a business can create more engagement with their users.

Things That A Marketer Should Know About Meme

Before you add this viral marketing approach to your business strategy, there are a few things that you should know about memes.

1.  Momentary

Memes are transient. They have a short life. They get outdated when users see them a few times. When circulated for longer, they can set boredom in people. Due to this reason, they are short-lived. They do not need more than a week.

2.  ‘Memejacking’

Uploading funny images and video memes is a popular marketing way for a business. Many brands use this approach to use already existing memes in their marketing plan. This is done to reach the youth that could otherwise be hard to do without this approach.

3.  Heavily Depends on Humor

Who doesn’t like entertainment? Comedy is indeed one of the sure-shot ways for marketers to create curiosity among customers to associate with a brand. The best ways to reach your customers is by presenting them a funny content that invokes amusement and creates greater engagement. A majority of brands use weird, and satirical fun-based social campaigns to connect with their customers.

The key to any successful marketing campaign is that the social media manager should understand that not every type of humour can benefit their business. They need to understand the likes and dislikes of their audience to form a meme. Find out whether your audiences like light-hearted plain comedy or a sarcasm form of humour. This understanding will help make your content viral across social media.

4.  Immediate Reactions

A marketer should have clear expectations from their meme. The meme they create should not come off as offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate. It may damage the reputation of the brand in efforts of going viral. So, be very careful when creating a meme. Once uploaded, they do not take time to produce good/bad reactions. Here are some of the attributes of a meme:

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Shareable
  • Trendy
  • Applicable
  • Identifiable
  • Precise
  • Invokes Laugh

To prevent turning your meme campaign into embarrassment, you should refer to great meme websites like #PutPut #LustigeBilder #pr0gramm. On these pages, you will get plenty of successful, and relatable memes that can give you an idea of how to construct a good meme.


Should your brand engage with the audience via memes? The honest reply is it relies on how in-tune a brand is with its customers. Several brands fully incorporated the distinctiveness of marketing memes in their social media marketing campaigns and reaped a lot of benefits. With a proper understanding of your audience and your connection with them, this strategy will work in your business too.