Domi hopes to be ready for Canadiens in Cup Qualifier against Penguins

Jul 27, 2020 7:45 PM ET

Maxwell John Domi is a professional ice hockey player who was born in Canada on March 2, 1995. He plays for the Montreal Canadiens. Domi won a bronze medal in the 2012 World U-17 Hockey Challenge with Team Ontario. The Canadian hockey player was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 12 years old. A few days ago, he announced that he wants to play for the Canadiens in the Stanley Cup Qualifiers. In this article, we discuss Domi’s bold decision.

Domi Prepares for the Stanley Cup Qualifiers

Domi has been battling Type 1 diabetes for 13 years. He has held many consultations with doctors about the risks involved in case he contracts COVID-19 while playing hockey. The NHL veteran surprised many hockey enthusiasts when he announced that he is interested in playing in the Stanley Cup Qualifiers. The NHL made a crucial NHL hub city decision to organize the playoffs in Edmonton and Toronto.

The Canadian player clarified that other diabetic hockey players shouldn’t feel compelled to continue playing now. Instead, they should make wise decisions based on their experiences and those of their families. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic describe Type 1 diabetes as a chronic health condition that occurs when the pancreas produces insufficient insulin hence having high blood sugar.

Maxwell wears a sophisticated Dexcom sensor that monitors his blood sugar level every five minutes. Still, that isn’t enough proof to show that Type 1 diabetics are less susceptible to developing Coronavirus complications, despite being in good shape. Domi believes that his blood sugar is under control. Unfortunately, no data shows whether the blood sugar levels of diabetics are under control or not. Some of them guess their current health condition.

Domi discussed his return with the Montreal Canadiens when the team opened its training camp on July 13. He was supposed to ponder over it for 10 days before making a final decision. The player spoke to the team’s doctors, the NHLPA, the NHL, and his doctors.

The National Hockey League Players’ Association and the NHL formulated health and safety protocols in their Return to Play Plan. They restricted the 24 teams to two secure zones. The Montreal Canadiens will play the qualifiers as the No. 12 seed in the Eastern Conference while the Pittsburgh Penguins will be the No. 5 seed. The winner will qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs while the loser will enter the 2020 NHL Draft of the NHL Draft Lottery on August 10.

Domi told reporters that he is amazed by how the NHL organized the Stanley Cup qualifiers and playoffs. The NHL players will have to maintain good hygiene and undergo frequent COVID-19 tests.

Maxwell Domi was the third top scorer for the Canadiens before the 2019/2020 NHL season was suspended. He had 44 points as of March 12. This is Domi’s second season playing for the Montreal Canadiens. He signed a two-year contract worth $6.3 million with the team on June 15, 2018. So, Domi can be a restricted free agent once the season ends. He is determined to take part in the Stanley Cup Playoffs in August.


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