Donald Trump Reveals His Son Studying At White House After School Closed During Lockdown.

Mar 31, 2020 7:55 PM ET

Now that everyone is going through an unfavorable phase, with all the public institutions shut down people are continuing their work from home. It seems like the scenario in Trump’s house is no different well.

Donald Trump’s Son Is Doing His School Work From Home Amidst Coronavirus Issue!

In a recent interview with Fox& Pals, the American president revealed that his 14-year-old son didn’t precisely complain when advised that he was going to be persevering with his college research at dwelling.

Moreover, Trump revealed that Barron was in good spirits when he realized that his education at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Faculty in Potomac, MD would happen at dwelling for the foreseeable future. The President also did shed light on the fact describing how the training is even altering on account of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The President Has Talked About The Safety Measured That The Country Will Be Taking This Time.

Apart from talking about his son’s studying that is now going on from his own home, the president soon moved his focus again to the horrors inflicting America amid the present outbreak. Although providing similar to face masks and ventilators have been briefly providing throughout the nation. To combat the situation, states have already enacted on the stay-at-home precautions and have continued to encourage social distancing and self-isolation as an approach to comprise the unfold of the virus. This will largely help in reducing the contraction of the virus amongst other people.

The whole world is going through a tough time with this Coronavirus attack speaking like wildfire. The respective government is undertaking safety measures so that the number of people contracting the virus can be reduced. The USA is one of those countries that is hugely hit by the deadly virus with the number of people affected only increasing with time.

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