Dr. Allan Spiegel MD Discusses How Sports-Related Injuries Can Affect Our Bodies

Jul 9, 2021 5:00 PM ET

The winner can still lose: How sports related injuries can affect our bodies.

Competition, physical strength, and even financial gain are all attractive things one can associate with athletics. Still, when professional athletes and humans alike become injured when playing sports, it becomes an immediate question of when can I get back out there.? At Dr. Allan Spiegel’s office, it is one that is given a fair and honest answer. “When we get you better.!” Within his practice, he provides many treatment options that can help treat and even heal sports injuries small and large. 

What is a sports-related injury? Sprains and strains, bumps and bruises, and even broken bones are all considered sports-related injuries. Most often, these injuries occur due to improper form, overtraining, or even lack of coordination. Even when treated, these injuries can leave long-lasting effects, leaving athletes with an unsatisfactory quality of life. 

“A significant proportion of these injuries remain difficult to treat, and many athletes suffer from decreased performance and longstanding pain and discomfort, especially the high-performance athletes.” (*2)

If you have suffered such an injury, Dr. Allan Spiegel may have your answer. His facility offers an On-site Injection and Infusion Suite, top-notch Physical Therapy Department, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

“When you put motivated people together, you will always find success, and that is what we have in this office.”– Dr. Allan Spiegel MD

“Current general sports injury management includes ice, rest, compression, elevation, physiotherapy, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroid injections, and cell therapies. ..However, these are not the only biological therapies available. Blood-derived products, especially PlateletRich Plasma(PRP) aim to improve the process of tissue repair through the delivery of growth factors” (*2)

According to a recent study, Healing sports-related injuries with Platelet-Rich Plasma “is one of the most popular solutions due to its chemotactic, proliferative and anabolic responses through the delivery of growth factors.” (*2) “The term PRP is described by “platelet concentration 3-8 times above the baseline number, in low levels of plasma. These cells are commonly known for their role in hemostasis; however, due to their capacity to release growth factors from their α-granules, they play a key role in mediating the healing of the damaged tissue” (*2)

When Hines Ward of the Pittsburgh Steelers injured his knee in the past, he looked to PRP therapy. The therapy helped speed his recovery and prepared him for the Super Bowl that season.

Physical rehabilitation is also key when patients are suffering from a sports-related injury. Within Dr. Spiegel’s practice, he has a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistants, who provide goal-based therapies. Alongside Dr. Spiegel, the therapy team derives a treatment plan based on the patient’s goals. 

“Having the ability to provide my patients with cutting edge care and equipment has been a great win for my practice..” – Dr. Allan Spiegel MD

Last but not least, Dr. Spiegel’s office offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBO). “Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the administration of pure oxygen (100%) at pressures greater than atmospheric pressure, i.e., more than 1-atmosphere absolute (ATA).” (*3) HBO’s main function is to reduce inflammation and accelerate internal healing. “The application of HBO for the treatment of sports injuries has recently been suggested in ..scientific literature as a modality of therapy either as a primary or an adjunct treatment” (*3)  According to another study done to assess Hyperbaric Oxygen Effects on Sports Injuries, found that “Results have proven to be promising in terms of using HBO as a treatment modality in sports-related injuries.” (*3)  

So no matter your injury, we have a treatment for you. Come into Dr. Allan Spiegel’s office and have a consultation; there is relief in your future. 

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