Dr. Cameron Gilbert of NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals: Treatment Modalities Expand for Adults With Autism

May 9, 2020 5:10 PM ET

South Bend, IN / Adults with autism face many unique personal challenges that can make their lives more difficult to handle. Thankfully, professionals like Cameron Gilbert, Ph.D., of NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals are providing many modalities to help individuals with this disease. As our understanding of this disease has expanded, Dr. Gilbert states that treatment methods have become better at delivering an improved lifestyle for adults affected by autism.

Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana: Behavioral Care is Critical

Dr. Cameron Gilbert is a neuropsychologist with a sub-specialty in neuropsychology and has years of experience helping individuals with autism. NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals focus heavily on providing individualized care that fits a person’s needs and which helps them recover more effectively. Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana has stated that behavioral adjustments are often the most effective modality for those adults who have autism combined with appropriate medications if needed.

For example, he states that it is possible to use directed lessons – such as teaching individuals how to watch social cues – to help with autism. Dr. Cameron Gilbert believes that many adults with autism are fully capable of learning these lessons and handling the demands that this process places on them. He suggests using a system that adapts to the needs of that person, as their treatment progresses.

Adaptable Care is Critical for Success

How a specialist adapts their care varies on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Cameron Gilbert suggests cognitive behavioral therapy for adults with milder cases of autism. He suggests that this treatment method can help to reinforce critical behavioral lessons that make it easier for those with autism to react emotionally and handle the challenges placed on them by this disease.

Those with more severe cases of autism may need more intensive behavioral care. For example, Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana states that teaching appropriate behaviors on a small scale is critical. Adults with autism must learn how to interact with others, first, before learning more challenging processes. Dr. Cameron Gilbert believes that it is never too late for anybody with autism to expand their capabilities.

A Further Expansion of Treatment Modalities

Although behavioral care is essential for helping adults with autism, Dr. Cameron Gilbert also believes that intensive psychiatric and neurological care may be beneficial. For example, various types of neurosurgeries and brain stimulation techniques may be found to decrease some symptoms of autism. Dr. Cameron Gilbert believes that many of these care options could be adapted to help many individuals with this disease.

However, he stresses that a total cure for this disease is still far in the future at this time. Methods for changing the brain’s chemistry to manage this disease, he states, are in their earliest stages of research but could provide a promising expansion of these care options in the near future. Dr. Cameron Gilbert of Indiana hopes to be among those who discover a cure but understands that any decrease in symptoms is crucial for those adults trying to cope with the daily demands of autism.



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