Dr. Israel Figa Says Not to Play the Symptoms Game with COVID-19

Feb 27, 2021 4:40 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 27, 2021  11:40 AM ET

A lot of people are playing the symptoms game these days to confirm or completely shake the thought of them having the coronavirus. Some people overly focus on the symptoms because they want to know if they have the virus or not, and others do that to rule out the symptoms and reassure themselves that they just have a common cold or flu. Israel Figa thinks that people have to stop playing this game. If you have even the slightest doubt that you have COVID-19, it is best that you go for a test. Let the test tell you whether you have contracted the virus or not.

Israel Figa believes that there are many unfavorable consequences to not going for a test and also reasons why you should go for one in the first place. Let’s see what Israel Figa has to say.

You Can’t Figure out the Symptoms

According to Israel Figa, you can’t really tell from your symptoms if you have COVID-19 or not. It is important for you to know that the Coronavirus is not new. This family of virus has been around for many years. Only the particular strain that has become the pandemic is new. However, many symptoms of the infection include things that you might not even consider important. For example, you might develop a cough. However, coughing is not something that people take seriously.

When you have a sore throat, you have the cough naturally. So, whenever people start coughing, they rule out the contract of the Coronavirus by thinking that they must have eaten something sour or cold. You might think the same when you develop a cough, but you can never be sure about its origin. What is causing the sore throat can’t really be found out unless you go to the doctor. Don’t forget that you can have the sore throat and the Coronavirus at the same time. So, just because you are coughing because of the sore throat does not rule out the fact that you might have COVID-19.

Fever is one of the most common symptoms of the virus. However, is this something you can really figure out? Is this something that tells you anything specific about a condition? You can have a fever when you are cold or when you have flu. You can have a fever when a certain part of your body is constantly aching. Think about tooth pains or earaches. When you have them for a long time, you develop a fever. Any infection that causes your body’s immune system to react can result in a fever. What is fever anyway? It is just your body’s immune system fighting off some alien agents in the body.

Loss of smell and taste is another common symptom of the virus. However, you can lose taste and smell even when you have some other form of fever. Whenever people recover from a fever, they struggle to taste anything because everything tastes different. As for the loss of smell, if you are living in a cold climate and you have flu, you might have a stuffy nose as a result. This can result in you not smelling things. But again, this could also mean that you have the Coronavirus. Fatigue, vomiting, nausea, are among other symptoms of the disease.

Lastly, you have the shortness of breath. That’s the most common and identifying symptom of this virus. That’s the symptom that sets it apart from other similar conditions. However, it has been reported that most of the people who experience shortness of breath are those who were admitted to the hospitals.

You Might Be Doing a Lot of Damage

So, by the time you are constantly figuring out the symptoms yourself, you are spreading the virus around you. For as long as you are not sure that you have COVID-19, you will not isolate yourself. It has been noticed that people only isolate themselves when they find out that they have the virus. You might think that you have the common cold or fever, but you might just as well have the Coronavirus. If you are still trying to figure out what those symptoms mean without going for a test, you are spreading the virus to other people.

Don’t forget, as Israel Figa says, that you might notice the symptoms going away after some time. However, this does not prove that you never had the Coronavirus. In fact, many of the people who have the virus are completely asymptomatic. Yes, they have the virus but they don’t show any symptoms. However, whether you have symptoms, no symptoms, or very mild symptoms, it is best that you go for a test and confirm whether you have the virus or not. Unless the test comes out negative, you can’t say that you never had COVID-19.

Do keep in mind that while you are meeting people, interacting with your family, and going shopping, you are still spreading the virus. You might not have experienced any harsh symptoms, but you never know who might. Someone who catches the virus from you might just die with the condition. They might not have the best immune system in the world. So, you should get yourself tested and wear a mask whenever you go somewhere. That’s the problem that Israel Figa has been trying to address for a long time.

Final Thoughts

So, you know at this point what Israel Figa means when he says that people have to stop playing the symptom game. Don’t try to keep figuring things out yourself. The tests, doctors, laboratories, and hospitals are there for a reason. And what if you do find out yourself that you have the virus? Does that make any difference? If the idea is to find out whether you have caught the virus or not, why not just go for a test? So, if you notice someone around you disregarding the symptoms by saying that they are common cold, first, stay away from them and then try to get them to go for a test as sternly as you can.