Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL Explains How Telehealth Has Improved Medical Care During The Pandemic

Mar 3, 2021 8:00 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 3, 2021  3:00 PM ET

Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL knows that the pandemic has negatively impacted society as we know it. Unfortunately, many health providers have not been able to treat their patients during this time due to the pandemic. Medical specialists have had to postpone their meetings with patients due to the social distancing rules that have been put in place for everyone’s safety. However, Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL knows that there is one method of medical care that has shined brilliantly during this pandemic and has helped many people.


Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL states that telehealth services have created a safe environment for individuals to be able to receive medical consultation and care. “Coronavirus has been quite challenging”, says Dr. Paul Elliot “Initially, we didn’t know how we were going to…I guess initially, everybody thought this wasn’t going to last very long. We adapted video telehealth, and that’s become a significant part of our practice.” Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL states that he has helped many patients because telehealth services allow him to reach a broad variety of problems from a safe distance. Telehealth services have been able to screen patients who may be suffering from COVID-19 symptoms and is a low-risk environment for medical professionals who need to diagnose whether an individual is suffering from this virus or something else. Telehealth services have also been instrumental in providing medical care for psychiatric patients who may not be safe to screen in proximity. There are plenty of benefits out there that these services have provided and Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL praises this technology for allowing medical professionals to provide the most amount of care in a limited capacity because of COVID.

Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL says that telehealth services also allow medical professionals to monitor patients who are suffering from various conditions. For example, if a patient is admitted to the hospital and is in critical condition, the doctor can simply use telehealth to monitor physical and vital signs to determine whether the patient needs critical care at that moment or not.


Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL states that telehealth is also important for long-term care facilities where monitoring patients over a long period of time is crucial for their wellbeing. Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL says that the benefits don’t stop here. Many healthcare professionals use telehealth to safely train medical students and provide medical consultations to other medical professionals. The sky is the limit on what these systems can achieve and COVID-19 has simply pushed us in the right direction to think creatively about the modern problems that we are experiencing.

Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL says that telehealth services are the future and the future is now. Embracing these forms of medical care can take us to heights that we didn’t even think were possible if we use technology for the betterment of the medical field.