Driver destroys part of a government building and injures a pedestrian. How will a personal injury lawsuit help the victims?

Mar 3, 2020 3:05 PM ET

Careless drivers create a number of dangerous situations that result in injuries when they make foolish mistakes. Sometimes, their cars can end up causing injuries and property damage in unlikely places.


An accident in Longview, Texas was caused by a driver who went into the front of a government Social Security building.


Driver goes through parking lot and into the front of the building

A number of witnesses were standing in the front lobby of the Social Security Administration building when they noticed a car coming straight into the area without slowing down. They began to alert everyone else to move away from the front window.

When the Longview Fire Department arrived on the scene at about 11am that day, they said that the car accelerated from a handicapped parking spot and proceeded to crash through the first set of glass doors in the front of the building. However, the car came to a complete stop before it could reach the lobby where several people were standing. One victim who was standing on the sidewalk at the time was hit. Both this pedestrian and the driver needed to be taken to local hospitals, but the news report did not contain any information about their conditions.

A witness who was standing right near the point of impact with his mother described the scene. He said they had just sat to the right side of the front door when they suddenly heard tires peeling the pavement. By the time he noticed what was happening, he already saw his mother along with several other people running away from the front door area. A security guard in the building was able to get everyone outside safely and keep everyone calm. First responders then tended to the driver of the car.

After the incident, the office remained closed for the rest of the afternoon, but was able to reopen the following day. Approximately 15 people were inside the building when the collision happened.


Personal injury lawsuits and reckless drivers

When a driver creates a situation that results in medical treatment and property repairs, they can be sued by anyone affected. Personal injury cases are civil lawsuits that essentially force the defendant to pay for all of these problems. They will normally need to pay the victim an amount that would put them in the situation they were in before the accident ever happened. In some cases, insurance coverage may cover these losses, but it may still be possible to bring formal legal action.


Get help from an accident lawyer in Longview

There are local attorneys in Texas who can assist accident victims with filing a lawsuit or taking other action against the person at fault. The Cooper Law Firm provides guidance and legal advice to local clients in the Longview area.

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