Dwayne Johnson: So That’s The Reason Why He’s Not Sharing His Workout Routine Anymore

Apr 1, 2020 7:25 PM ET

Dwayne Johnson

At this point, as long as you’re dwelling by the basic holders of the law, no one should be judging how you are spending your time in COVID-19 quarantine. And hopefully, it brings you some pleasure to know that The Rock positively is not judging you right now. In fact, he is intentionally not sharing his own quarantine workout routine system, just to help you feel a little bit less bad about your own social distancing habits.

Like many other celebrities’ names, The Rock is currently using social media to give fans and supporters around the world a bit of a confidence boost. On Instagram, he is been answering fans and supporter questions about everything from his Wrestlemania days to his upcoming movie roles. And because he is The Rock, he is answering a lot of those questions from the comfort of his personal gym, where he is clearly spending a lot of his time.

But in a recent video, he actually went out of his way to say that he is purposely not posting any clips of his personal quarantine workout management because he is trying to be sensitive to what others are going through right now. In the 20 minutes long video, he talks about why he made that choice.

Social Media Post

According to the sources the actor wrote on his social media Instagram post that.”My daily training helps me maintain my balance and mental stability and mental wellness.
And I do not post my actual workouts because I am sensitive possibly over-sensitive and empathetic to the millions and millions around the globe unable to work out in your local gyms. One day, you will again. I am equating about a 50/50 ratio of having good days to not so good, wobbly days. That ratio will improve”. As will our health conditions around the world as we deal with and, eventually, overcome this global virus.

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