EB5 Financing And Investment

Aug 20, 2020 11:05 AM ET

The purpose of applying for an EB5 visa is two folds. The first that you as an immigrant or a foreigner to the United States would be able to invest financially in a United States-based business and reap the awards that could come with it.

The second would be a chance to obtain a green card. The green card is a document giving you the benefits of being a permanent resident in the USA. This is something that a lot of international people would love to have in that it would make their lives so much easier especially if they are living in the United States under tourists’ etc. visas. 

How Did EB5 Visas Come About?

It was brought forth by the United States Congress in 1990 with the goal of increasing investments in the US economy. Therefore, increasing job opportunities for the residents that live and work in the United States of America. It is hosted and organized by the USCIS also known as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

What Is An EB5

An EB5 Investment is when a person who is not native to the US is able to invest in the economy of it while living in the country. The requirements for an EB5 would be to invest in for-profit projects as well as to help create ten full-time jobs for at least two years for the workers. The amount of capital that would be required to apply for an EB5 is 900 000 US dollars or 1, 8 million. The capital is high-risk and all depends on the projects being targeted.

The result of going for such a visa is to add to the growing economy of the States as well as to the ability to obtain a green card which comes with many pros for foreigners living in the USA.

Investment Options

While the purpose of going for an EB5 is two folds so is the way to go about it. This means that there are two options. One is the direct one where the investor is more in tune with what is going on in the project while the second is more hands-off with the aid of an EB5 regional center.

The direct approach seems to be for the more business-oriented people that want to get a return on their investment as well as to see the project grow and develop. While going through an EB5 regional center is more for the people seem to be more focused and concerned with obtaining the green card. This means that they are not directly in charge of their investment.

Final Words

While the capital required to invest in an Untied States owned business seems high, the outcome for doing so can be worth the investment. To help the economy of the country that you wish to call home can be worthwhile and being reward with a green card can really make your life easier. For more information check here.  

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