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Feb 11, 2021 1:38 AM ET

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Video email marketing is not a special form of email marketing. It simply refers to the process of using videos in your email marketing campaigns. People add videos in their marketing emails for various reasons. First, email videos improve the email open rate by around 6 percent and the click-through rate by over 65 percent.

Videos also help marketers build a stronger relationship with the customers. Email marketing videos are effective because almost every customer will watch them. Statistics show that nearly 91 percent of consumers watch explainer videos to learn about products and services they intend to buy. Unfortunately, Gmail and other email services do not support video play. Each email video recipient has to leave the email site to watch a video each time you send one. That makes use of email videos in email campaigns hard.

Email Videos Pro is the first application of its kind. The app supports the playing of videos in emails. It is cloud-based and supports all devices.Further, it is newbie-friendly, meaning that you only need a few minutes to understand what it offers. This Email Videos Pro review will help you know what the app offers and whether it is worth buying.

A Quick Introduction to Email Videos Pro

Email Videos Pro is the first app of its kind. It supports the playing of videos in emails. Furthermore, it is easy to use. You will only need a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the offered features. Even better, the developers designed it to work on mobile devices, desktop computers, and tablets. It further features a commercial license so that you can make more money by selling videos.

Developers of this app claim that it will maximize your click-through rate. It will boost your engagement by around 10 times and increase your profit by over 10 times. That might sound strange, but the app is designed to help you promote something new and exciting to your potential customers. It is a good choice for local marketers, marketing agencies, video marketers, online marketers, and anyone who uses videos. After buying the app, you will have full access to the commercial license.

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About the Developers of Email Videos Pro

Developers of this app are Mario Brown and Med Anime. The two worked together in August 2020 on the Videoz Agency project. They over-delivered and their buyers requested more from them. That is the key reason they launched the Email Videos Pro app. The app is very new but helpful.

Mario Brown is an inspirational speaker, marketing guru, author, and a serial entrepreneur. He has been developing marketing tools for a long time. Some of the other products he developed include Videoz Agency, Synthesys, and YouStudio.

How Email Videos Pro Works?

STEP #1:- Upload Video

STEP #2:- Customize

STEP #3:- 1-Click Embed & Send

Email Videos Pro will work with any video content. It requires you to choose your clients such as Vimeo, Dropbox, and YouTube. After that, you will have to choose the DFY Premium Quality Stock Videos library or upload the files from your computer into the Email Videos Pro. Email Videos Pro supports all video formats and optimizes them for embedding within emails.

After sending the videos through email, your clients will watch them without opening any website. Upon opening the email, Email Videos Pro will detect the device used and the email client. That will help it deliver an optimal video format. Therefore, each person on your email list will enjoy an engaging video experience.

You will reach all your customers with an email video optimized for their device. The video quality will match their device, internet connection, and email client. Email Videos Pro is designed to detect whether the viewer is using Wi-Fi, Cellular, or fixed network. It then delivers optimized videos for the best user experience. It also tracks the interaction of recipients with your email videos. You will therefore know whether your email campaign is offering good results or not.

Even more, the developers included a video editor to allow the addition of text, images, call to action, and sounds to videos. After adding the details, you can export the videos and use them for your email campaigns. The tool also allows you to choose the action the recipients should take after watching the video. They can click to watch the full video, go to the sales page, or opt-in page.

Features and Benefits of Email Videos Pro

Email Videos Pro comes with many powerful features. All the features are designed to help you stand as the leading video email marketer. Here are some of the features and benefits to expect.

Insert video of any format and length

Email Videos Pro works with all types of video content. You only need to choose a video from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, Facebook, or DFY library. Alternatively, you can upload videos directly from your desktop computer in any format and send them to your audience. The app will handle the videos and optimize them for embedding in the email.

Watch Email Videos on Any Device

Email Videos Pro will work on any device and email client. Your recipients may use different email clients, but the app will analyze the client and the device to provide the best video format for each recipient.

Optimized Videos for the Best User Experience

Email Videos Pro allows you to reach 100 percent of your clients with optimized email videos. All recipients will watch the video regardless of the device they use, the email client, and the internet connection. Immediately a receiver opens the email, this app will detect whether they are using a cellular device, fixed network, or Wi-Fi. It will optimize the video for the best user experience.

500 Editable Video Templates

This tool provides video templates for every niche. You will get a template suitable for doctors, contractors, travel service providers, and even gyms and restaurants. That might be all you need for your online marketing campaigns.

In-depth tracking and analysis

Email Videos Pro allows you to track the recipient’s interaction with the email videos you send. This will tell you whether your email campaign is a fail or a success.

Beginner-Friendly Tool

This app comes with a user-friendly video editor. You can use this editor to add a call to action, text, sounds, and images to your videos. After that, you can export the new video to any of your video campaigns.

Customizable Video Length

You can change the length of your email videos to match your needs. The app allows you to do that easily.

Video Play-Loop

You can enable or disable Email Videos Pro’s play-loop features in 1-click.

Professional Tutorials

Video resources consist of the processes you need to get started. Tricks and resources from other marketing professionals will help you succeed in your marketing campaigns.

Pros and Cons


  • 100 percent free traffic
  • The app is cloud-based meaning that you will not install or download anything onto your device.
  • It provides unique services that all business need
  • Reach all your customers with beautiful email videos
  • Combine the power videos and email for conversions and engagement
  • Use any Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook video to make your video emails.
  • Add call-to-action into videos for the largest number of clicks.
  • It comes with a commercial license so that you can sell videos. It further comes with DFY stock videos, which you can customize, edit, and sell to your clients.
  • You will benefit from systematic training. The training is designed to help people start using this tool immediately.


  • Didn’t find any

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Currently, the main version of Email Videos Pro will cost you $37. It comes with a commercial license at no extra cost to help you make more money by selling videos. However, you can still upgrade to other options to benefit more. Here are the available upgrades.

Email Videos Pro Unlimited

This upgrade will cost you $67. It comes with 50,000HD stock videos and customizable niche videos. It also allows you to:

  • Remove logos from your videos
  • Start unlimited projects
  • Create unlimited videos

Email Videos Pro Elite Version

This upgrade will also cost you $67. The features to expect with this upgrade include:

  • Many advanced features
  • Play long videos in emails
  • Personalize the video player
  • More autoresponder integrations
  • More design options
  • Reseller panel
  • Regular updates

Email Videos Pro White Label

You will have to pay an amount between $147 and $247 to get this upgrade. It is available in three options. The first option supports 50 accounts and it will cost you $147. The second option will cost you $297 and it supports unlimited accounts. Lastly, the third option requires four payments, each $97, and offers unlimited accounts. The features to expect with this upgrade are:

  • Full white-label dashboard and license
  • Add your logos to your videos
  • Add, manage and remove clients
  • White label your software dashboard to sell under your brand
  • Keep all profits
  • Your customers will see your branding only

Email Videos Agency Marketing Kit

This upgrade will cost you $47. The features to expect include:

  • Agency website
  • Business card and brochures
  • Done for you banners and ads
  • Done for you client agreement and contract
  • Email swipes and sales scripts
  • Powerpoint presentation

Is Email Videos Pro Worth Buying?

Gmail does not support video play. Users have to leave the email site to watch a video something that affects conversion rates. Further, email marketing is not going out of style soon. Those are enough reasons to invest in Email Videos Pro. Your customers and prospects will play the videos you send to them without leaving them on Gmail.

Who Should Go for Email Videos Pro?

This tool is a good choice for anyone who would want to make more money from online platforms. If you are a digital advertiser, affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, vlogger, or newbie marketer, this tool is worth buying. It will increase your click-through rate and sales.


Q: Is Email Videos Pro easy to use?

A: The app is very easy to use. It is 100 percent beginner-friendly. You can upload videos, edit them and send them to your customers and prospects within a few minutes.

Q: Is Email Videos Pro compatible with Mac and Windows?

A: Email Videos Pro is cloud-based. It is hosted on very reliable cloud servers. Therefore, you will not install anything on your computer. You only need to log into your account and start using it. It is compatible with all devices.

Q: Will I incur any monthly charges?

A: Not yet. However, the developers claim that they will start charging monthly fees after the limited period offer ends. You can buy it today to avoid the monthly charges.


Email Videos Pro is cloud-based. After buying the program, you can connect with your prospects and clients, convert leads and even send tracking videos through SMS, social media networks, and email to get referrals and convert leads. The app features video email, video texting, and social media sharing features. It further boasts screen recording and tracking analytics that help users communicate with their clients easily. It will increase your sales within a short time.

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