Embracing ecommerce A Guide to SEO

Jul 1, 2020 8:00 PM ET

Those who are keen to start their very own ecommerce business will have several important decisions to make. Along with deciding what you want to sell and to whom, you will also need to ensure that you know how best to maximize those sales. The simplest and most effective way in which to optimize online conversions is by putting time and effort into perfecting your website’s SEO. Here is how to get started.

Do some research

There are two main types of research that you should conduct when putting your site’s SEO strategy together, namely competitor research and keyword research.

Look into which keywords for which your competitors are currently ranking and avoid trying to compete against them directly until your brand and website have both been well-established for a while. You should take note of how your competitors have structured their websites and pay attention to how you feel you could improve upon it.

Scope out your website

Maximizing user experience is key to improving Google rankings and sales. Therefore, you must ensure your website is fully functional right from the start. Are there any 404 errors appearing? Have you filled in all of the relevant metadata? Is your average page loading time less than five seconds? All of these details play a significant role in boosting your business’s reputation and rankings.

Perfect your on-page optimization

Search engine optimization comprises of two parts – on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization focuses on your website itself; it includes your site structure, interlinking, user-friendliness, social media integration, keyword optimization, content, metadata, device responsiveness, and more.

Keep in mind that the requirements for world-class on-page optimization are constantly evolving in line with Google’s algorithms. Therefore, nurturing this aspect of SEO is an ongoing process. If you think that you might struggle to keep up, it is worthwhile considering getting in touch with an ecommerce SEO company for assistance.

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Conduct regular tests

You need to be continuously checking that your website is staying on top of consumer demands and SEO trends. The best way to do this is through various approaches to performance testing and monitoring. For instance, you should be checking analytics to find out which keywords are significantly boosting conversions. You should also be using A/B testing to figure out which content on your landing pages helps move potential customers through the buyer’s journey faster.

Don’t forget to learn from your PPC campaigns, too. The keywords that lead to more click-throughs are also likely to perform well on your website itself (and improve your overall ad quality score, resulting in a noticeable reduction in cost-per-click).

Pay attention to off-page optimization

Link building is the key aspect of off-page optimization. It also comprises of local SEO, reviews, and, to a certain extent, social media. Always remember to build high-quality backlinks by dedicating time to nurturing relationships, networking, and contributing authoritative content to reputable publishing sites. Never ‘buy’ your links or you could wind up with a Google penalty that could prove extremely challenging to get rid of.

Soon enough, your ecommerce site will be up and running and making a name for itself within your chosen niche. Good luck as you commence this exciting new chapter!


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