Emerald for Financial Growth

Jul 22, 2020 4:05 PM ET

As the messengers of the universe, gemstones symbolize metaphysical powers and energies. Every stone has specific abilities to bring fortunes, good luck, abundance, or well-being to your life. Emerald is one of the most auspicious carriers of these energies. This vibrant green gemstone is full of abundance and remarkable properties.


If you want to reach the pinnacle of success and wealth, wearing emerald stone can help. Let’s find how:

Emerald and Mercury

In Vedic astrology, emerald represents the planet of Mercury. As such, it symbolizes intellect and wisdom that has substantial impact on the professional success. Mercury of Buddh is an intellectual celestial being that signifies knowledge, speech, education, and communication.

Each of these skills is enhanced by wearing a gemstone that represents the energies of Mercury. Hence, emerald brings professional success in various fields. Individuals working in the industries like banking, trade, commerce, and computers benefit the most from this gemstone. Since emerald can invoke your logical thinking and direct it to the right path, you can make better decisions about your career.

Sound knowledge and experience are the factors for success in any field. When your intelligence is sharpened, you can choose the right path and stick to it. According to a famous Lithologist, emerald has all the greenery of nature concentrated in its core. Hence, it stirs the feelings of hope, renewal, and growth in a person.

Who Benefits the Most by Wearing Emerald?

Intelligence and sharp memory are the emerald stone benefits for success in career. The stone enhances analytical abilities and thought process of its wearer. Hence, students pursuing a professional career attain academic success with the help of emerald. It brings success in competitive exams, especially for the fields related to finance and economics.

Businessmen and professionals can reap rich benefits and revenues by carrying an authentic emerald to their important meetings. Mathematicians, brokers, dealers, auditors, and bankers are the beneficiaries of emerald’s stellar astrological benefits.

Since it is also linked with communications, emerald can bring success to businesses related to telecommunications and internet technologies. Professors, artists, sculptors, and salespersons can improve their verbal communications with this mystical stone of prosperity. Even the public speakers like politicians can make success if they buy emerald.

Emerald for Financial Growth

Over time, people lose interest in their work or profession due to several reasons. From personal issues to creative roadblocks, reasons may vary according to individual circumstances. In these cases, wearing emerald stone can relieve the trapped energies and help you focus on professional growth.

Since this stone can help in regaining confidence, it makes you feel better about your field of work. With its calming effect on your emotions, it invigorates the thoughts and perspectives.

Emerald can activate creativity and bring focus to your life goals. It is a remarkable support stone that sharpens mental acuity, memory, and speech. When you need visionary insights for success in your field, you may buy emerald to rekindle your passion for work.

For centuries, emerald has been the harbinger of luxury and opulence. As the stone of royalty, it inspired reverence and fascination among many civilizations. From Cleopatra’s obsession with emerald stone to Alexander’s belief in its protective powers, it has come a long way. Even today, emerald symbolizes exuberance of green energy and elegance.

When things go wrong in your professional life, you may consult an astrologer at Gempundit and buy an emerald from the same store to regain financial equilibrium and success. Financial growth becomes much attainable with this stone in your possession.

How to Choose Emerald for Financial Success?

Knowing about the financial benefits of wearing emerald is not all. You have to find a pure and untreated stone for accomplishing your goals. Remember, emerald has several quality factors like any other gemstones.

For thousands of years, this stone holds the gold standards for representing green color. It is, thus, needless to say that color is the most important determinant of emerald quality. Let us understand the vital quality factors in detail.

Lush and Deep Color

In pure and natural emerald stones, look for the most desirable shade ranging from bluish green to verdant green. Color saturation has to be vivid while the tone should be medium. Don’t pick a stone that has too sharp or too dull color tone. It fails to reflect the lights and energies of the gemstone in the right way. The best variety of emerald has zero color zoning with an even distribution of hue throughout the stone’s surface.

The color intensity of emerald depends on the composition of trace elements like vanadium, iron, and chromium. Any disarray in their combination or relative amounts can distort the true color of the gemstone.

Visible Clarity

Finding some inclusions in natural gemstone isn’t unheard of. Stones like emerald contain inherent flaws that may or may not be visible to bare eyes. If you are looking for a high quality stone at reasonable emerald stone price, look for an eye-clean gem that has no visible flaws, cracks, scratches, or blemishes. Some inclusions in emerald are described as mossy that gives it the name of Jardin (French word for garden).

Right Carat Weight

Cut and polished emerald stones come in different sizes as well. Here, you should know that prices and impact of a stone varies with its size and weight. Hence, you can neglect the carat weight of a stone before buying it for financial growth and success.

Take help from an astrologer to select appropriate carat weight depending on your birth charts. A rule of thumb is to buy a stone that weighs minimum 1/12 of your body weight. For a person weighing 60 kgs, a 5-carat stone is enough.

How to Wear Emerald for Financial Growth?

After selecting the right type of emerald stone, next comes the proper ritual for wearing it. Experts recommend white gold, platinum, or silver for wearing emerald in the form of jewelry. Carry the stone on the right finger of the hand that you use for working. Wednesday is the best day to wear it.

You may ask the gemstone seller to cleanse and activate the stone with the right mantra before sending it to your place.


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