Eric Bitz of BuyNiceCards Discusses How Collecting Sports Cards Can Be Beneficial for Kids

Jul 8, 2021 8:40 PM ET

Eric Bitz recently discussed how collecting sports and other cards can be beneficial to kids.

Trading cards, whether they’re baseball cards, Pokemon cards, or others, can be extremely beneficial for kids. Many parents view this as a hobby that can be expensive and unproductive, but experts like Eric Bitz say this is a hobby that should be encouraged by parents.

“Collecting cards can teach numerous valuable lessons to kids,” Eric Bitz of BuyNiceCards said. “It can help keep them off electronics and spark tangible interests. It can also increase a variety of social skills.”

Eric Bitz began by stating that trading cards, such as baseball or football cards, are items to which your kids will return time and time again. They may quickly outgrow other toys or interests, but their collection of cards can continue to grow and expand as new players enter the sport. You may see some toys become completely unused by your kids, while they continue to grow their card collection and organize it.

Bitz added that this is another beneficial aspect of trading cards. Kids learn to keep their collections organized and how to keep the cards safe from harm. They learn the value of keeping things they love in good condition. This skill can grow with them through life as they learn to stay organized in school, keep a vehicle clean, and more.

Kids also tend to lose cards from time to time. While parents hate that this happens, it can teach them valuable lessons about keeping track of their items.

“Trading cards give kids something in common, even if they enjoy watching sports more than playing them,” Eric Bitz said. “Kids trade these cards with other kids of all ages and backgrounds. They tend to meet kids they would have never met if they didn’t collect these cards.”

Even more, Bitz explained that kids learn to negotiate and compromise while trading cards. They make trades that are fair for both parts, trades they feel excited about, and trades they are upset they made. All of these moments offer important lessons about decision making, compromise, confidence, and more.

“It will come to a point where your kids want to use money they’ve earned to buy trading cards,” Eric Bitz concluded. “They’ll learn how to make wise decisions with this money. They may use a larger amount of money for an important card, or buy numerous cards for a similar amount. Kids learn to make important decisions regarding money and the value of what they purchase.”

Eric Bitz is the creator and owner of, a trading card company selling valuable sports trading cards and ways to display them professionally.

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