Essentials for choosing a fascinator

Sep 11, 2019 11:30 AM ET

Adorning a fascinator along with a fancy outfit is definitely a fashion statement. This was once a fashion favorite for ladies in a wedding occasion. But, at present, there is more than one place where one can wear a fascinator and flaunt them. One can wear them at a cocktail party or even on a high end charity event. But how to know that which fascinator will suit whom?

If one chooses a fascinator by keeping the following things in mind, then there are lesser chances to get the wrong one.


Before finalizing one fascinator one has to check and match it with the outfit that they will be going to wear with the fascinator. One has to have a sharp eye to see the colors, textures and shapes of the outfit and then find a matching fascinator for it. One always needs to balance their look and that does not mean the outfit and the shoes, but one should also keep in mind that accessories also play a pivotal role in that. If one goes for a bold clothing pattern and texture then one needs to pick a fascinator which is elegant but simple. It is even better if one can pick up a solid color here. If the outfit is on the simpler side, then one can choose a fascinator which has a bold design and texture. In case of a long evening gown one can go for some statement pieces; like a long feather on the fascinator.


Many ladies try to match the color of the fascinator with the color of the outfit that they are wearing. But it is also true that it is not necessary to match the colors always. One always needs to go for a fascinator that can complement the outfit. If one is wearing clothes with rally bright colors then one must wear bright fascinators. In case of soft shaded outfits one needs to pick up a fascinator that has pastel shades. So, complementing and matching the color scheme is what the trick is all about. JJ’s House has plenty of fascinators to choose from.

Choose the right side

Not only buying the right one but wearing it properly is also very important. They need to check that what side of their head will be good to wear the fascinator. There are a few designs which can be worn on both sides of the head but some are for only either the left side or the right side. In case of a bridal fascinator one always has to wear it on the left side of the head. This has a reason. In the wedding day the bride always walks on the left side of the groom, and hence the idea.

Wearing a fascinator means one has to wear it on the head and fix them in a proper and a neat manner. No one likes messy fascinators and so it is a good idea to fix, then properly with the hair clips. This will prevent the fascinator to move from its place.

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