Estate Agent and Online Marketing Company Join Forces to Dominate Local Property Market

Mar 30, 2021 6:51 AM ET

Online marketing company Spark SEO has teamed up with a local estate agent in Brighton on a pilot project to see if together they can dominate the local real estate market in the region.

Many small to medium sizes estate agencies still rely on reputation and word of mouth as a means to drive new business, yet there are hundreds of thousands of searches in Google each month for estate agents.

Digital marketing guru, Fion McCormack discovered that many local estate agents weren’t taking full advantage of this online demand.

“Having contacted thousands of estate agents across the country, all of whom have low visibility in search engines, and offering them my services to remedy the issue, I discovered that most estate agents simply didn’t trust that there was enough value in digital marketing to invest in it. That’s when the idea came to me –

I realized I could remove all the perceived risk of failure, by working with estate agents to build websites for free. These websites are built fully optimized for marketing performance. With this new business model, the estate agent only pays for the extra business inquiries that the website actually delivers to them. If the website doesn’t deliver, they pay nothing.” Explains Spark SEO founder, Fion Mccormack.

Save Money Selling estate agents were the first to enroll in this experimental venture with Spark SEO. Together they have just launched their pilot website, Estate Agents Hove, which they hope will demonstrate the feasibility of this innovative approach over the coming weeks. If it proves a success, Spark SEO will expand the partnership offering to estate agents in other regions in the country.

Contact Information:
Name: Fion McCormack Address: 148 Portland Rd, Hove, BN3 5QL, UK.

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