Everything which one should know about the concept of remote proctoring

Nov 4, 2020 1:59 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 4, 20208:59 AM ET

The concept of remote proctoring is very much important nowadays for schools, colleges, universities and each of the corporate organization because everything is shifting online nowadays. The education sector is coming up with several kinds of benefits and opportunities So that they can achieve the goals of being a time saving as well as consistent all the time. The open online courses market is expected to reach approximately $25 billion by the year 2025 which very well shows that there is a great surge in the demand of online courses and digital learning in the coming years. Hence, this concept will have a direct impact on the demand for remote proctoring as well.

Following are some of the things one should completely know about the remote proctoring concept so that it can be very well implemented and overall goals can be easily achieved:

The concept of remote proctoring is based upon several kinds of technicalities but basically, this Concept is linked with students and enables them to write the examination in a remote location and side-by-side maintains the integrity of the examination very well. The proctoring solutions are implemented in this concept and students so that organizations can monitor the candidates through a webcam. The videos are recorded with the help of remote proctored examination and in the cases of any of the suspicious activity red flags are raised. Hence, the concept is very much suitable for organizations, schools, colleges and universities.

The whole concept is based upon verification of the test takers through online mediums and is also very much successful in detecting the miss conduct if any. The tool is also based upon multifactor authentication of the things so that verification and security aspect is never weak. These kinds of the concept are also known as the basic mechanism which restricts the students from accessing the web browsers or other applications during the test and ensures that authentication, as well as integrity, is very well maintained.

In some of the commercial remote proctoring services cost-effective element made out be there but it all depends upon the organization that how they implement the concept. As a result, the enrolment of the courses should be undertaken effectively so that overall goals can be easily achieved. These kinds of systems will always help in making sure that there is no space throughout the whole concept and where proctoring of examinations is very effectively undertaken.

The concept of remote proctoring is very well implemented and is one of the most important components of the whole concept of e-learning procedures. The best part of this concept is that it is based upon utilization and implementation of the technological trends for example artificial intelligence and machine learning so that cheating proof environment can be created. The whole concept is very much successful in providing complete support to the examination integrity along with remote proctoring tools so that online courses can be very much successful in providing the best quality benefits to the people.

These kinds of systems are very much successful in eliminating the need of examination centre arrangements and also remove the requirement as well as the availability of the physical properties which ultimately help in saving a lot of costs associated with the whole thing. The advanced examination security and integrity is also very well confirmed because of the implementation of this concept and there is a high level of automation throughout the process. The trouble of travelling as well as accommodation is very easily lessened with this concept and people can appear for the examinations in the comfort of their home places depending upon their timing schedules which very well show that there is a high level of flexibility throughout the concept.

The remote proctoring is bifurcated into three types which include the recorded proctoring, advanced proctoring and the live. In the live proctoring the proctor is continuously in the student’s activity with the help of online examination and in the cases of recorded proctoring, there are screenshots and videos which get recorded to review and analyze the latest ages. On the other hand, the cases of advanced auto proctoring the remote proctoring software have been utilized in detecting the suspicious activities so that proctors can be able to review it in the later stages.

Both the public sector, as well as private sector organizations and universities, are going with the option of the utilization of these kinds of concepts so that they can avail several benefits associated with it. Approximately more than 500 universities have now considered this particular option as the most viable option and have adopted it in the normal course of operations to conduct the examinations effectively and efficiently. All the other schools and colleges are shifting towards these technological friendly options so that they can conduct the examinations transparently and flexibly. Hence, the concept of remote recording is getting a lot of favourable momentum across the globe.

There are several kinds of companies which have made the whole concept very much easy because they provide the best quality academic integrity-based platforms in the form of remote proctoring so that learning procedures are highly personalized. These kinds of software allow the people to indulge into artificial intelligence-based automated remote proctoring solutions so that identity verification is continuous and best quality, as well as best price leadership based programs, are verified as well as delivered to the candidates. These kinds of solutions are a one-stop solution for all the multiple proctoring environments and requirements of the companies. Such solutions are highly affordable as well as accessible which the main reason behind their success. These kinds of solutions provide excellent consumer, student and faculty support which is another great vision to implement them.

Hence, the concept of proctoring platform provided by all these kinds of companies helps in making sure that there is a high level of integration with the learning management systems and all the available browsers so that people face no issue in the implementation stages of the whole concept.