Evil Mother Brutally Killed Stepson And Later Reported To Police About His Missing

Apr 7, 2020 2:55 PM ET

Letecia Stauch

As per recently unlocked court archives, specialists accept that Gannon Stauch was killed in his room by his stepmother — supposedly on the very day she announced the 11-year-old kid missing.


Individuals got a duplicate of the capture oath illustrating the claims against 36-year-old Letecia Stauch, who was captured in March and has been accused of first-degree murder, youngster misuse bringing about death and altering, all coming from the vanishing and murder of her stepson, Gannon.

The kid’s body was discovered on March 20.

Stauch announced Gannon missing on Jan. 27, the day agents accept he was killed, as indicated by the sworn statement, which was unlocked by an adjudicator on Friday.

Proof recuperated from the living arrangement and inside Gannon’s room underpins that a brutal occasion happened in the room, peruses the sworn statement, which caused carnage, including blood splash on the dividers, and enough blood misfortune to recolor his sleeping cushion, douse through the floor covering, the rug cushion, and stain the solid underneath his bed.

Specialists charge the suspect disposed of the body the following day, in the wake of tidying up the scene.

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