Experts warn of shocking facts over the spread of coronavirus

Mar 28, 2020 8:05 PM ET

The two-metre social distancing rule being used to keep people apart may need to be, at least four times larger to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which is a private research university have written a shocking new report over the spread of coronavirus.

The new report written by experts at the renowned US university have found that viral droplets expelled in coughs and sneezes can travel at speeds of 33ft to 100ft per second.

This creates a cloud that can span up to 27ft with infected coronavirus droplets that can infect many. Experts say that for everyone one person infected, at least five more will become infected.

ITV’s Robert Peston conducted a poll this week, which found that 7% of Britons are still visiting friends.

The poll discovered that 6% of people are still hugging and shaking hands, whilst 5%, or 2.6m people are not washing their hands.

Some 5.8m people, or 8% are doing “non-essential shopping” and a staggering 34% claim they are meeting their “safely.”

According to the JL Partners survey, 14% of the population say the “risk of coronavirus is being exaggerated” and around 5m of the UKs population are still conducting their lives as normal, because the government “hasn’t ruled it out.”

It is mainly males who are refusing to follow the governments advice and the new legal measures that have now been enforced. Around 15% of the young males are saying, “we can’t let the virus defeat us.”

The ITV political editor warned the nation on Friday, Peston said, “I would hope that the message of self-isolation from Prince Charles and now the Prime Minister that any of us can get this.

“It is really serious when vulnerable people get infected and we’ve all got to do the right thing and isolate ourselves.

“Whether we’ve got the illness or not, we must not engage in close contact with people we don’t live with.”

In just 22 days the UK has had 14,579 cases of coronavirus, 3,919 are in London with 155 deaths, out of 759 across the country.

Government officials have warned that stricter social distancing measures are set to happen from next month.

These measures are set to happen within three weeks when it is predicted that the UK would have reached its peak, to further reduce “person-to-person interaction.”

A well-known Italian doctor and politician has warned why London will be hardest hit area in the UK.

In an interview with, Maurizio Brucchi, a renowned Italian doctor who also served as Mayor of Teramo, gave a stark warning to Londoners, the worst is yet to come.

Brucchi said, “In a press conference yesterday, the doctors who have arrived from Wuhan [China] to help us out have told us that our measures are not enough – that we need to be more restrictive.

“The numbers are growing, but what is concerning is that there have been more than 475 deaths in a day.

Adding, “Boris Johnson has to stop with these half-measures. They simply do not work. The Chinese have told us.”

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