Facebook and Instagram’s new regulations scared away users

Feb 3, 2021 8:00 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 3, 2021  3:00 PM ET

There is something that has recently made the users of social networks angry. It is the update that Facebook made to Instagram. App users are already aware that developers can alter their apps’ design and layout when they want. As long as these alterations end up benefiting the user, they are okay. The problem occurs when the user doesn’t benefit at all. That’s why clients of Facebook and Instagram didn’t find the news sizzling. They got angry about it instead.

At the point where the app-enabled sharing of a new post or viewing notifications, Facebook added new icons. These icons are Shopping features and Instagram’s Reels. Users found it more challenging to use Instagram because of the new features. Also, consumers thought Facebook was mean for adding unhelpful features to make more money.  Reels and shopping have never been associated with the use of Instagram, although this does not imply that some people cannot have use for them.

An average Instagram visitor loves to post and share photos and stories. And if the first thing a user will do when they open their app is to share a story or a picture, then you would expect Facebook to enhance this function. People also like to check the photos or stories that have received a like from others. If Facebook is already aware of this, why didn’t it add an update to help people interact better?

The company also knows that Instagram users are not into reels or shopping on the site and still implement new icons that add no value to the average user. It simply swapped the buttons that people love using for those they are not used to or want to use on Instagram. Customers were already aware of how the app worked and enjoyed using it every day. Suddenly, Facebook expects them to get used to using the new buttons as quickly as possible so it can raise its odds of making more money.

Users need to develop a whole new pattern of doing things when they land on Instagram. It is going to take people who still want to use Instagram for quite some time. Those who don’t want to cope with the change will seek fun elsewhere. They will tap where they have always tapped when on Instagram and will suddenly notice a new icon they are not used to.

The developer may have added the new features hoping to intrigue the user so much that they decide to use them right away. Surprisingly, many users felt frustrated about the latest updates. They think that the site they have grown to love due to being easy to use, orderly, and amusing could become something different if Facebook continues like this. The company seems to put its interests before those of its visitors, which can drive people away.

If Instagram continues to give users a bad experience, they will indeed run. Facebook should start to prioritize users when developing new features and updates. The Instagram Reel and Shopping features are not amusing, and they don’t reflect the people’s will. Many users continue to be unhappy with the update that aims to change how they use the app.