Favour Ori CEO: His Passion to Help Africans Code and Connect Them to Opportunities in the Tech Industry

Sep 8, 2021 2:30 PM ET

Favour Ori CEO shares his passion for empowering fellow Africans to code and scale the heights of success in software engineering.

At 19, Favour Ori CEO relocated to the U.S. from Nigeria to pursue his dream career: computer and information sciences at Southern Arkansas University. Now he defines himself as a: software engineer keen on building and shipping innovative products geared toward simplifying, automating, and improving life.

Favour Ori CEO gained a lot of exposure and experience in software development by working with well-known organizations.

The beginning of good things: FavCode54’s birth

As an individual keen on helping fellow Africans get exposure to vast opportunities in technology, Favour Ori CEO launched FavCode54 in 2018. The app attracted a tech giant that injected $90M to allow FavCoders to get the necessary coding lessons.

Favour Ori CEO has one crucial mission: training and teaching his fellow Africans to know how to code. With his wide network in technology, he also connects his students to vast opportunities. His flagship organization, FavCode54, is mentoring a new crop of African software engineers.

FavCode54 offers top-notch lessons. Favour Ori CEO offers pre-recorded coding lessons through his organization, including top-quality learning materials and resources. The user-friendly online portal makes it easy for students to grasp the lessons.

Favour Ori CEO’s online portal doesn’t need students to have advanced coding skills. Students without undergraduate degrees or a programming background can also start software engineering lessons. FavCode54 pairs the students with expert mentors and software trainers from reputable institutions like Ivy League schools and the best tech companies.

According to Favour Ori, CEO, his online portal has trained and mentored over 10,000 students since 2018, enabling them to find jobs at foreign startups. Some graduates went on to launch their tech businesses. Despite all these success stories, Favour Ori CEO has not stopped training more students interested in breaking the ceiling in software development.

Favour Ori CEO launches and sells two applications.

Two years after the successful launch of FavCode54, Favour Ori CEO started other handy apps: College Situation and Tugure. The former software helps students in African schools to get real-time info on fellowship programs and scholarship opportunities. These programs may exist in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, the U.S., and other nations outside Africa.

Favour Ori CEO developed Tugure to assist Rwandans with selling and buying new and pre-owned goods. It works more or less the same as Facebook Marketplace.  Later, he sold the applications to ABitNetwork.

A sought-after speaker

Apart from running FavCode54, Favour Ori CEO is a well-renowned public speaker and has made presentations at several conferences. A native of Abia State in Nigeria, Favour Ori is a software engineer and entrepreneur.  He is a self-driven, persistent, highly gifted individual passionate about helping others improve in life.

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