Finding the Right Text to Speech Converter for You

Jul 30, 2020 12:15 PM ET

Whether you’re on the go constantly or in need of assistance, having a dependable text to speech converter by your side makes all the difference in the world. So often we find ourselves having to read a long chunk of text without the time or capability to do so. With the right online text to speech converter, reading through text-heavy documents is as simple as listening to a podcast.

How do you know which online converter is the right one for you? There are thousands of products online that claim to be the best with the biggest collection of voices and the most natural speech patterns. While your options seem to be endless, there is a perfect one for you out there, so don’t settle for less. Naturaltts is a fantastic program that implements all the best features of an online converter.

A Library of Natural Voices

One of the most important features of an online text to speech converter is a wide variety of natural voices to cover a range of options. Many cheap converters will only have a couple of voices from different backgrounds and different genders. The best online converters have upwards of 50-60 natural voices to offer you the options you’re looking for.

Don’t limit yourself to only one or two different dialects, accents, or languages, with the right text to speech converter, you’ll be welcomed to a world of choices. The best converters offer you voices from different countries and backgrounds. If you’re looking for a British male voice and a Spanish female voice, you should have access to both. You shouldn’t be limited to your options.

A Simple Converting Process

Once you settle on the right software, you’ll find yourself converting plenty of text all the time. The right text to speech converters will offer plenty of room for you to translate to speech. Some programs will greatly limit you on the number of characters you’re allowed to convert per day which makes it useless when attempting to convert articles or chapters.

You might encounter some programs that offer you up to one million characters per day which will allow you plenty of room for your text-heavy documents. The converting process shouldn’t be too complicated either as you’ll be doing it often – altering the type of document is always a hassle. A simple copy and paste to convert method seem to be the industry favorite.

Important Software Features

Some slang might not be picked up by the normal text converter so it’s important to have access to a voice editor such as SSML support. A program with SSML support will enable you to change the pronunciation of a word to better suit what you’re going for. This is especially helpful when you’re making a recording to be used as an actor in something.

Another useful aspect of a speech converter would be access to the files after they are converted. Some converters will only support the file when the website is up which makes the recording useless. With mp3 support, you can download and listen to the file whenever and wherever.


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