FinexArena Review – What Makes FinexArena Such A Great Broker

Oct 22, 2020 9:08 AM ET

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FinexArena Review

As a beginner in the online trading industry, it is important that you choose a good broker. The broker that you select should provide benefits such as a high-performing trading platform, multiple trade assets, prioritizes customer satisfaction, among other features. However, this can be a difficult task given that there are so many options available online to choose from. I have been active in the online broker community for a while now and have acquired the skill of picking out good brokers from a bunch. There are good brokers and there are bad brokers, and this difference is dependent on the services they offer you.

Today, I want to talk about FinexArena which is an online brokerage firm. I think that this broker provides many good services to its clients and also supports new traders with their services. Take a look at some of its features below and decide by yourself if you like the services it offers.

Best Features of FinexArena

Multiple Trading Platforms

Trading platforms should be one of the first things that you check on when choosing a broker. You will spend all your time interacting with this platform. FinexArena uses the MetaTrader4 platform which is one of the best trading platforms.

This broker provides users with four different versions of this trading platform. The web trader platform refers to their website that you access on your laptops/computers. The broker provides separate downloadable apps for the Apple iOS iPhone and iPad. Furthermore, an Android app is also available as a trading platform for this broker.

You can enjoy all the advanced features that the MT4 trading platform offers on all the different versions of this platform.


You will come across this term when you look into the benefits of individual account types. Leverages are basically the amount that you can borrow from the broker to increase your financial position in the market. However, you don’t have to pay back this borrowed sum. Leverage acts as a contract between the trader and the broker. Since the trade market fluctuates in terms of profit and loss, leverages can either be considered as one of the best features of a trading platform. Contrarily, leverage can also lead to your downfall in case the market value of the trade, that you invested in, falls.

FinexArena offer leverages that range from 1 to 1000. This means that pay 1% of the total trading price of the asset while increasing your trading powers. What happens is that with leverage, the broker basically pays for a sum of your trading price. So, if you are provided with a leverage rate of 1:1000 it means that for as asset costing $100 per piece, you can pay $1000 for 1000 pieces while the broker pays the rest of the amount. Simply put, with the leverage rate of 1:1000 you get $1000 for every $1 in your account. Leverages allow you to increase your profits while trading on a low budget. The leverage rates that you get depend on the type of account you have open with the broker.

I advise new traders to stay away from trading with leverages until they have become familiar with them. I say this because while the large profits may seem tempting, the same thing can happen to you in the direction of losses. Leverages fluctuate along with the market values, so it will be difficult for new traders to make decisions regarding trade with leverages in the volatile trading environments.

Market Explorer

As an online trader, you need to be in touch with the market values of different assets. The online trade industry has a volatile marketplace so, you cannot just check the news for any differences in rates in the morning and think that they will remain the same till the evening. The market value of assets is constantly fluctuating so you need real-time rates to stay updated. Many brokers provide the feature of real-time charts for the market values of different assets such as forex and cryptocurrencies.

FinexArena keeps you connected with the online trade market through their platforms. They provide you with real-time information to keep you updated with the volatile market. You can observe the rates through charts, graphs, and tables. The information on these values is easily comprehendible if you have basic knowledge about online trading.

Active Customer Support

Brokers provide you with the best platforms and use cutting-edge technologies to provide you with the best experiences. However, all these features are useless if their customer support is unreliable. What if you need assistance regarding some of their fancy features? Lack of customer support reduces the credibility of the broker.

The customer care service of FinexArena prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides 24/5 hours of customer service. The staff is highly trained and equipped with information to answer any question that you may have regarding their trading platforms or any other issues. You can get in touch with customer care via various means of communication. You can contact them via their website’s contact form, email, or phone calls. In addition, you can also chat with them via online chatting platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, and others.


FinexArena is an online brokerage firm that offers many facilities and services to its customers. The broker has a great and user-friendly trading platform that offers many benefits to the users. The platform is designed with the customer’s point of view and provides easy navigation. The broker has an excellent customer care program that is always available to guide you through any problems that you may come across. Furthermore, it provides great leverage that can help you achieve your financial goals faster. The broker provides services to facilitate new traders as well as experienced traders.

I have shared my honest opinion about this broker with you and have talked about some of the features that I really liked. Now, the rest is up to you. Do your own research and decide if you are interested in signing up with this broker.

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