Finexro Review – A Summarized View of the Best Finexro Features

Oct 14, 2020 11:55 AM ET

Oct 14, 2020 7:55 AM ET
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Finexro Review

Today, I will provide you with a summarized review of Finexro. The broker has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and for all the right reasons. Okay, I am not trying to convince here to sign up with this broker right here. However, I have to give credit where it is due. The broker has created a perfect online platform for traders from all around the world to trade. I admire this trading platform, but I think you will admire it only when you know more about it. And that’s why I have put together this short yet informative review of for you. Here is a summarized overview of the best features from this broker.


Finexro’s Best Features for Traders

Five Account Types

Why is it so important for you to have multiple account types from a broker? Well, just like it is important for you to have a lot of choices when you are buying anything else in life. When you sign up with this broker, you will see that you have five accounts to choose from. Each Finexro account has some great features associated with it. A relationship manager has been added by the broker to every account. However, if you talk about private trading sessions, you get them only with gold, platinum, and premium accounts. You can start your bronze accounts with only 5000 EUR.

There is a standard trading commission that you will have to bear with the bronze and silver accounts. However, if you go with gold, platinum, or premium accounts, you will get discounts on the commissions as well. The broker has also made sure that it includes some reliable trading signals with every accounts, even if you get them only temporarily with basic accounts.

Trading Platforms

Notice the “S” at the end of the word platform. Yes, the broker has made sure that you have choices even in the trading platform realm. That’s something you don’t really get from all online brokers. Most brokers stick to one trading platform that every trader has to use after signing up. However, you have SIRIX as well as MetaTrader 4 trading platforms to choose from when you sign up with this broker. The best thing is that the broker has made these platforms available for you on your favorite devices and operating systems.

Whether you want to trade the old-school way of using your desktop computer or go with a more modern way of trading on your smartphone, you can do it all with the modern trading platform from the broker. You can also use the web version of the trading platform on any device of your choice. With the non-downloadable web-based version of the trading platform, you don’t even have to worry about operating system compatibilities and incompatibilities.


Lots of Assets

Don’t ever be scared of trying out different types of assets when you choose to be a part of the trading world. If you look at the biggest and most successful investors of the world, you will notice that they all go for a variety of assets. It is not that they like to experiment, but they understand the concept of minimizing their risks. When you invest in just one asset, you are risking losing all the money when that asset goes down. On the other hand, if you go with lots of assets, your risk is distributed and you don’t really go down when one asset goes down. It is as though putting your money in many different pockets.

If someone picks one of your pocket, you will still have other pockets intact with money in them. So, when you sign up with Finexro, you will notice that this broker is doing everything to allow you to trade the way you want. Finexro has provided you with access to forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks from the biggest companies, indices, and commodities of many types. You can even trade precious metals with this broker. You can trade them all on the same trading platform that you can use on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with ease.

Education and Training

Can you start trading without proper training? Of course, not! Even if you do, you will lose a lot of money right from the start. That will discourage you from pursuing your trading career any further. However, when you prepared in the financial markets, you are at an advantage of trading successfully. The question is, “Is your broker providing you with the right type of training?” Yes, in this particular case, you will get everything that you deserve. The broker has arranged for some great training for you. Attend webinars and seminars to listen to the best trading experts and their opinions live.

If you want some more strict and personalized training, you can go with private one-on-one training from the broker. Yes, with this broker, you can be trained by someone in person without paying anything extra.

Contact Customer Support with Ease

The broker has proper professionals to help you with your trading career. Whether you are having an issue with your trading account or the platform you are on, the broker is there to provide you with all the help that you need. First of all, you have a web form and an email address on the website to reach out to the broker for help. At times, you need help on an urgent basis. In that case, you want to talk to a human on the phone, and that’s what you can do with the phone number on the website.

Final Thoughts

So, you can see that the broker has covered you from all sides. If I haven’t already talked about this, let me say right now that you can consider yourself safe when you sign up with this broker. It is important that you realize that the broker has proper encryption in place to protect your information and all the funds that you deposit in your account go into segregated accounts. With everything that I have already told you, I am sure you will think, consider, and make up your mind to start your trading career the right way. Want to learn more about Finexro? Visit the website in this link to learn more.